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The Phalaenopsis Ravello orchid (Phalaenopsis Anthura Ravello), unlike other plants of its species, has golden sparkles on the petals.

Even under the condition of weak room lighting, a mesh pattern will be noticeable, red strokes on a light background.

Here are the main characteristics of this species:

  • stem - 60-70 cm,
  • thick, airy, freely branching roots that are covered with a waxy layer and contain chlorophyll,
  • leaves are oval, fleshy, pointed at the top, 20-25 cm in length,
  • on one orchid there can be from 1 to 4 arrows at once.

Description of buds with photos

The color of the petals is white, peach, light green, or orange, covered with a contrasting crimson or dark red mesh pattern. Has a crimson core and a neutral lip. On the curved peduncles are racemose inflorescences, and the flowers resemble butterflies. On many flowers, the lip is clearly visible against the background of mesh petals. As a rule, it is of a contrasting color.

On average, the diameter of a petal is about 8 cm, and the usual number of flowers on one peduncle is 15 pieces.

Phalaenopsis Ravello orchid blooms from 4 to 8 weeks twice a year. With sufficiently good care, it will delight you with its flowering three times per season.

Flowering period

Orchid usually blooms in spring and autumn. But sometimes the flowers do not appear on time. In this case, you should pay attention to the temperature in the room. During the day it should not rise by more than 20-25 degrees, and at night it should not be less than 18 degrees with a plus mark.

In this case, you should rarely water the plant and limit the amount of natural light entering the room. The orchid begins to "fall asleep" and restore strength for spring bloom. In the spring, you can let the sunlight into the apartment again, continue to moderately water the flower and feed with fertilizers.

Phalaenopsis care

Here are some simple rules for caring for this type of orchid:

  1. Watering. It is best to water this type of orchid moderately with water at room temperature.
  2. The soil. It is advisable to purchase loose, breathable soil for the orchid. If there is not enough moisture for the flower, then sphagnum moss should be added to the substrate.
  3. Temperature. In summer, the optimum temperature for an orchid is plus 20-25 degrees, in winter - from plus 15 to 18. Acceptable humidity in the room where the orchid grows is 60-80%.
  4. Lighting. The light-loving plant prefers bright diffused sunlight.
  5. Choosing a place. In the room, you need to determine a well-lit place for it.
  6. Transfer. Immediately after purchase, the orchid can be transplanted into wicker baskets, small transparent containers with holes in the bottom for water drainage.
  7. Reproduction. At home, it is carried out in three ways.
    • First, by cuttings of the peduncle. After flowering, dormant buds remain on it.It is necessary to cut off the stem and divide it into parts so that there is a bud in the middle of each. After a few days, you need to take several formed children and plant them in the soil.
    • Secondly, it is convenient to plant the existing children on the peduncle and from the dormant buds on the trunk of the plant. In this case, you should wait for the roots to appear in the children.
    • Thirdly, you can propagate the orchid by dividing the root. The flower must be carefully removed from the pot and the rhizome cut into pieces. Each cut and treated part should be placed in a pot of prepared soil.

Features in growing varieties

The aerial roots of the plant are directly involved in photosynthesis, and they require a sufficient amount of light. The rhizome of the flower branches out and searches for nutrients. Natural light is important. For this reason, a special microclimate for the beauty of the tropics will have to be created artificially in the apartment.

Useful video

The video shows step by step how to transplant the Ravello orchid:

Phalaenopsis Ravello Orchid is one of the most beautiful hybrid species, which is most suitable for growing at home and does not require a lot of time to care for. Knowledge about the conditions for keeping a wonderful flower, transplanting, as well as observing a comfortable temperature regime and watering rules will help create a real greenhouse for this type of orchid in the apartment.