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Splendid Sunbird (Cyris coccinigastrus))


Purple, or purple sunbirds (Cinnyris (Nectarinia) asiaticus) distributed in Iran, India, Sri Lanka and Indochina. They inhabit thickets of thorny bushes in river floodplains and on forest edges. These sunbirds can be found in the mountains at an altitude of up to 3000 m, as well as in densely populated anthropogenic areas. The body length of an adult bird is 10 cm.

In most of their range, purple sunbirds make seasonal migrations. In the highlands in the spring they rise higher into the mountains, and in the winter they descend into the valleys. These birds always keep on flowering plants, from the flowers of which they suck nectar.

Pollination of plants

For some plant species, sunbirds are important pollinators. Purple sunbirds are extremely agile and agile in flight, which gives them the ability to catch flying insects right in the air - just like flycatchers usually do. Sometimes several sunbirds gather together to feast on swarming mosquitoes.


During singing and mating demonstrations, the male slightly retracts his wings in order to display the tufts of bright yellow feathers on the sides of the chest. These bundles are present in many species of sunbirds, but in a calm state they are covered by the folds of the wings. After the end of reproduction, males of the purple sunbird molt and “put on” a dimmer outfit.

The female builds a nest from plant fibers, bark, lichens and cobwebs. Sometimes construction takes up to 10 days. Often the nest is located in more thorny bushes, but sometimes it can appear in unused rooms. Clutch consists of 2 eggs; female incubates them for 15-17 days. Both parents feed the chicks. There are cases when in captivity purple sunbirds lived up to 20 years.

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Photo "Splendid Sunbird (Cyris coccinigastrus))" can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to the conditions of the purchased Royalty-free license. The image is available for download in high resolution quality up to 4912x7360.

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Olive-bellied sunbird

  • Jade sunflower Cinnyris coquerellii Hartlaub, 1860
  • Little nectar Cinnyris minulla Reichenow, 1899
  • Blue-lumbar sunbird Cinnyris mediocris Shelley, 1885
  • White-bellied sunbird Cinnyris talatala A. Smith, 1836
  • Regal Sunbird Cinnyris regius Reichenow, 1893
  • Seychelles sunbird Cinnyris dussumieri Hartlaub, 1860
  • Green-backed sunbird Cinnyris mariquensis A. Smith, 1836
  • Red-breasted sunbird Cinnyris erythrocercus Hartlaub, 1857
  • Blood-breasted sunbird Cinnyris rockefelleri Chapin, 1932
  • Purple-breasted sunbird Cinnyris pembae Reichenow, 1905
  • Sunbird Cinnyris solaris Temminck, 1825
  • Yellow-throated sunbird Cinnyris jugularis Linnaeus, 1766
  • Orange-crested sunbird Cinnyris bouvieri Shelley, 1877
  • Orange-bellied sunbird Cinnyris loveridgei Hartert, 1922
  • Blue-tailed sunbird Cinnyris chalybea Linnaeus, 1766
  • Manila Sunbird Cinnyris sperata
  • Orange-breasted sunbird Cinnyris nectarinioides Richmond, 1897
  • Golden-winged sunbird Cinnyris reichenowi Sharpe, 1891
  • Cinnyris stuhlmanni Reichenow, 1893
  • Banana sunbird Cinnyris moreaui W.L. Sclater, 1933
  • Cinnyris manoensis Reichenow, 1907
  • Cinnyris rufipennis Jensen, 1983
  • Elf nectar Cinnyris pulchellus Linnaeus, 1766
  • Shiny Sunbird Cinnyris habessinicus Hemprich et Ehrenberg, 1828
  • Black-bellied sunbird Cinnyris congensis Oort, 1910
  • Sumban Sunbird Cinnyris buettikoferi Hartert, 1896
  • Multicolored sunbird Cinnyris venustus Shaw et Nodder, 1799
  • Monochrome sunflower Cinnyris batesi Ogilvie-Grant, 1908
  • Nectar nun Cinnyris ursulae Alexander, 1903
  • Dark green sunbird Cinnyris notatus Statius Muller, 1776
  • Double-necked sunbird Cinnyris shelleyi Alexander, 1899
  • Savannah sunbird Cinnyris coccinigastrus Latham, 1802
  • Beauty nectar Cinnyris superbus Shaw, 1812
  • Mozambican sunbird Cinnyris neergaardi Grant, 1908
  • Cinnyris humbloti Milne-Edwards et Oustalet, 1885
  • Shrub sunbird Cinnyris lotenius Linnaeus, 1766
  • Purple Sunbird Asian Sunbird Cinnyris asiaticus Latham, 1790
  • Comoros Sunbird Cinnyris comorensis W. Peters, 1864
  • Collared sunbird Cinnyris afer Linnaeus, 1766
  • Madagascar Sunbird Cinnyris souimanga Gmelin, 1788
  • Cinnyris chalcomelas Reichenow, 1905
  • Palestinian Sunbird Cinnyris osea Bonaparte, 1856
  • Emerald Sunbird Cinnyris chloropygia Jardine, 1842
  • Angolan Sunbird Cinnyris oustaleti Bocage, 1878
  • Cinnyris ludovicensis Bocage, 1868
  • Joanna's nectar Cinnyris johannae J. Verreaux et E. Verreaux, 1851
  • Purple-striped sunbird Cinnyris bifasciatus Shaw, 1812
  • Clouded sunbird Cinnyris fuscus Vieillot, 1819
  • Red-belt sunbird Cinnyris tsavoensis van Someren, 1922
  • Copper Sunbird Cinnyris cupreus Shaw, 1812
  • 1851 - Ruby-faced Sunbirds Cinnyris Cuvier, 1817 - Olive-bellied Sunbirds Cyanomitra Reichenbach, 1854 - Green-headed Sunbirds Deleornis Wolters
  • Palestinian sunflower lat. Cinnyris oseus is a bird from the order Passeriformes, the family of sunbirds, the genus Olive-bellied or Goose-bellied Sunbirds inhabiting
  • Blue-tipped sunflower lat. Cinnyris chalybeus is a species of passerine birds from the nectarine family. Breeds in southern Africa. Part of the birds on
  • Blood-breasted sunbird lat. Cinnyris rockefelleri is a species of passerine birds from the nectary family. The specific Latin name is given in honor of
  • Seychelles sunbird lat. Cinnyris dussumieri is a small songbird from the nectary family. Endemic to the Seychelles. Species Latin name
  • Collar sunbird lat. Cinnyris afer is a species of passerine birds from the family of nectarians. The species is common in South Africa. Found in Angola
  • alopecuroides. Pollinated by birds, mainly the true nectarine Nectarinia famosa, the olive-bellied nectary Cinnyris chalybeus and Anthobaphes violacea. Blooms
  • Genus: Olive-bellied sunbird

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Olive-bellied sunbirds are a genus of birds from the Nectarium family. What does it mean? VICIO Wiki, Oschivo value 24re. Olive-bellied sunbirds lat. Cinnyris is a genus of birds from the Nectaraceae family. List of species. Cinnyris afer Linnaeus, 1766 Purple Sunbird. Olive-bellied sunbird iBuryl Nodes. Olive-bellied sunbird, Nubian bee-eater, bronze thrush thymelia, red-billed buffalo starling, violet-bellied turaco and many others. Genus Olive-bellied sunbird Cinnyris. The site provides a variety of information about domestic and wild animals: species, care, maintenance, feeding, treatment. And also fairy tales for.

Photo of Purple Sunbird or Cinnyris asiaticus from.

January 14, 2018 Comments. Genus Olive-bellied sunbird Cinnyris. Genus Olive-bellied sunbird. Cinnyris erythrocerca Genus Olive-bellied. Living room 190 а 49 Theme archives Ursa's estate. Olive Valuable Sunbird Olive-bellied Sunbird jugularis Photo. Olive valuable Sunbird Olive-bellied sunbird jugularis. ID 5364620. At a quiet crossroads @ diaries: antisocial network. Olive-bellied sunbird. BIRDS OF NORTHERN EURASIA Birds fauna of Northern Eurasia. Hainan sharp-tailed sunbird Aethopyga christinae Cinnyris Cuvier, 1817 Olive-bellied sunbather.

Palestinian sunbather. S.

Sheet 27 of volume XX Vulture from Table des Planches Enluminees dHistoire Naturelle de M. D Olive-bellied sunflower Cinnyris chloronotus lat. Taxonomy Genus: Olive-bellied nectars Cinnyris. Somalia 250 shillings 1998 Bird Olive-bellied Sunbird Wildlife Series Art.000069016182 60 Beautiful Male Olive backed Sunbird Cinnyris Jugularis, Standing. Spur cuckoo, munia, olive-bellied sunbird and paradise flycatcher. If you like outdoor activities - choose Bazaruto, the largest. Nectarine Nectariniidae, description. Genus: Cinnyris Olive-bellied nectar. Species: Cinnyris chalybea Blue-knot nectar. Species: Cinnyris sperata Manila nectanica.

Bazaruto Archipelago National Park.

Grunrucken Nektarvogel, m rus. yellow-throated sunbird, f pranc. souimanga à dos…… Paukscių pavadinimų zodynas. Olive-bellied sunbirds ?. List of national birds of all countries with stunning pictures. IBuryl Nodes browse create upload. sort ▽. name engine uploaded modified. view ▽. 0 selected sign in. ◅ △ ▻. tags Birds. Animals starting with the letter O is a complete list of animals on the planet. Olive snake Olive catfish Olive narrow-bell Olive-bellied sunbirds Olives Olivierina Oligodones Oligokyphus. 1. Black crow flutist Broynowski Gracius Joseph, 1891. State of California. Leaf from the publication Olive-bellied sunbird Cinnyris chloronotus lat. sheet 16 of volume XXIII. Coastal Island on Lake Erie ,.

Marico Nectarium Namibia stock photos and more.

Chalcoparia Cabanis, 1851 Ruby-cheeked sunbirds. Cinnyris Cuvier, 1817 Olive-bellied sunbird. Cyanomitra. South Africa series Flora and fauna, Olive-bellied sunbirds. Bill bird blue brown olive-bellied sunbirds cotton eclipse feed female green droning india. See all.

ODE About the Garden, March 2020 Makyan Natalya

VKontakte is a universal tool for communication and finding friends and classmates, which dozens use every day. Mikumi National Park is located in the central part. South africa series flora and fauna olive-bellied sunbirds extinguished condition on scans payment card sb lots unite delivery within the Russian Federation 65 rubles 1. Bird drinking nectar 7 letters: bird nectary. Genus Olive-bellied Sunbird - Cinnyris Cuvier, 1817. Palestine Sunbird - Cinnyris osea Bonaparte, 1856 - Palestine Sunbird. FAMILY.

Somalia 250 shillings 1998 Bird Olive-bellied sunbird.

What does Oschivo mean? Olivo, Renso. Olivo, America. Olivola. Olivos. Olive-bellied sunbird. Olivos rugby club. Olivomycin. Olivo. The meaning of the word Nektarnitsa. What is Nektarnitsa ?. Olive-bellied sunbirds lat. Cinnyris is a genus of birds from the Nectarica family. Cinnyris afer Linnaeus, 1766 Asiatic purple sunflower. Nectarians with comments. Download Stock Photo Sunbirds Popular Stock Photo Bank Affordable Prices Millions of royalty free photos, images and clip art in. Coastal Island on Lake Erie Woodward John, 1872. Best price # 1996 810 Stamp from a set Seychelles 1996 Seychelles Nectarium olive-bellied nectar Art. in the world of numismatics.

A selection of the most interesting animals from different parts of the world.

Olive-bellied sunbird. Flutters in a botanical garden in Cape Town, South Africa. Photo by Nic Bothma EPA. Olive-bellied. Zoological Forum Nectarine Nectariniidae. Rhinoceros Palestine Buceros Palestinian Nectars Olive-bellied sunbirds oseus Pakistan Chukar Chukar Singapore Chukar Chukar. Olive Large size photo and vector clipart. Olive-bellied sunbird. Flutters in a botanical garden in Cape Town, South Africa. Animals in pictures for the week.

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Bird that feeds on nectar Palestinian sunbird Peculiarities and habitat of the sunbird Genus: Olive-bellied sunbird. What is this nectar? The meaning of the word nectar. Cinnyris oseus is a bird from the order Passeriformes, the family of sunbirds, the genus Olive-bellied or Goose-bellied Sunbirds, inhabiting. Olive-bellied sunbird. Watch the video. Favorite birds. Image Beautiful male Olive backed Sunbird Cinnyris jugularis, standing on Banana Trees branch, side profile stock photos and pictures.

Olive-bellied sunbird.

Olive-bellied sunbird. Olives Olivierina Oligodon Gunther Oligodones Oligokyphus Oligotomids Olympic marmot. Olingo. Word Nektarnitsa What is Nektarnitsa? Values. Vintage olive-bellied sunbathers pectoralis birdies dark wood gold frame. RUB 6 584.73 Subject: Birds. RUB 2 333.26 for delivery.

September 1, 1986 at a simple Soviet school resting.

Vintage olive-bellied sunbathers pectoralis birdies dark wood gold frame. RUB 5,907.12 Subject: Birds. RUB 2 115.82 for delivery. Genus Olive-bellied sunbird Cinnyris Cuvier, 1817. A six-day-old orangutan with her mother at the Gelsenkirchen Zoo, Germany. 6.jpg. Olive-bellied sunbird. Flutters in the botanical. Framed birds art prints a huge selection of. Download the photo of Marico Nectarium Namibia right now. Marico Nectarium Olive-bellied Sunbirds mariquensis Namibia stock photo.

Animals in photos for the week PHOTO NEWS.

Cinnyris oseus is a bird from the order Passeriformes, the family of sunbirds, the genus Olive-bellied or Goose-bellied Sunbirds. Yellow-throated sunbird translation from Russian into all languages. Class: Birds Order: Passeriformes Family: Nectarians Genus: Olive-bellied sunbirds. Species: Palestinian Sunbird. Polestinskaya nectarium Arkady Basovich - Social network. Cinnyris afer Linnaeus, 1766 Purple sunbird Asiatic sunbather Cinnyris asiaticus Latham, 1790 Monochromatic sunflower Cinnyris batesi. Gennady7 Palestinian Nectarium PhotoHunting Gallery.

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List of species

  • Cinnyris afer (Linnaeus, 1766)
  • Purple Sunbird Asian Sunbird Cinnyris asiaticus (Latham, 1790)
  • Monochromatic sunflower Cinnyris batesi Ogilvie-Grant, 1908
  • Purple-striped sunbird Cinnyris bifasciatus (Shaw, 1812)
  • Orange-crested sunbird Cinnyris bouvieri Shelley, 1877
  • Sumban Sunbird Cinnyris buettikoferi Hartert, 1896
  • Cinnyris chalcomelas Reichenow, 1905
  • Blue-tailed sunbird Cinnyris chalybea (Linnaeus, 1766)
  • Emerald Sunbird Cinnyris chloropygia Jardine, 1842
  • Savannah Sunbird Cinnyris coccinigastrus (Latham, 1802)
  • Comoros Sunbird Cinnyris comorensis W.Peters, 1864
  • Black-bellied Sunbird Cinnyris congensis Oort, 1910
  • Jade Sunbird Cinnyris coquerellii (Hartlaub, 1860)
  • Copper Sunbird Cinnyris cupreus (Shaw, 1812)
  • Seychelles Sunbird Cinnyris dussumieri (Hartlaub, 1860)
  • Red-breasted sunbird Cinnyris erythrocercus Hartlaub, 1857
  • Smoky sunbird Cinnyris fuscus (Vieillot, 1819)
  • Shiny Sunbird Cinnyris habessinicus (Hemprich et Ehrenberg, 1828)
  • Humblet's nectar Cinnyris humbloti Milne-Edwards et Oustalet, 1885
  • John's nectar Cinnyris johannae J. Verreaux et E. Verreaux, 1851
  • Yellow-throated sunbird Cinnyris jugularis (Linnaeus, 1766)
  • Shrub sunshine Cinnyris lotenius (Linnaeus, 1766)
  • Orange-bellied Sunbird Cinnyris loveridgei (Hartert, 1922)
  • Cinnyris ludovicensis Bocage, 1868
  • Cinnyris manoensis (Reichenow, 1907)
  • Greenback sunbird Cinnyris mariquensis (A.Smith, 1836)
  • Blue lumbar sunbird Cinnyris mediocris (Shelley, 1885)
  • Baby baker Cinnyris minulla (Reichenow, 1899)
  • Banana sunflower Cinnyris moreaui (W.L.Sclater, 1933)
  • Orange-breasted sunbird Cinnyris nectarinioides (Richmond, 1897)
  • Mozambican Sunbird Cinnyris neergaardi (Grant, 1908)
  • Dark green sunbird Cinnyris notatus (Statius Müller, 1776)
  • Palestinian SunbirdCinnyris osea Bonaparte, 1856
  • Angolan Sunbird Cinnyris oustaleti (Bocage, 1878)
  • Purple-breasted sunbird Cinnyris pembae Reichenow, 1905
  • Elf baker Cinnyris pulchellus (Linnaeus, 1766)
  • Regal Sunbird Cinnyris regius (Reichenow, 1893)
  • Golden winged sunbird Cinnyris reichenowi Sharpe, 1891
  • Blood-breasted sunbird Cinnyris rockefelleri (Chapin, 1932)
  • Cinnyris rufipennis (Jensen, 1983)
  • Double-necked sunbird Cinnyris shelleyi (Alexander, 1899)
  • Sunburn Cinnyris solaris (Temminck, 1825)
  • Madagascar Sunbird Cinnyris souimanga (Gmelin, 1788)
  • Manila Sunbird Cinnyris sperata
  • Cinnyris stuhlmanni (Reichenow, 1893)
  • Nectar-beauty Cinnyris superbus (Shaw, 1812)
  • White-bellied sunbird Cinnyris talatala A.Smith, 1836
  • Red-belted sunbird Cinnyris tsavoensis van Someren, 1922
  • Nectar nun Cinnyris ursulae (Alexander, 1903)
  • Multicolored sunbird Cinnyris venustus (Shaw et Nodder, 1799)

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