Bird Families

Fire Siskin / Spinus cucullatus


  • Superclass Tetrapoda Class Birds Aves
  • Order Passeriformes - Passeriformes
  • Suborder Singing Passerines - Oscines group Passerida
  • Family Finches - Fringillidae
  • Subfamily Goldfinches - Carduelinae, Cardueline
  • Genus Goldfinches - Carduelis

Siskin fire, or red - Carduelis cucullata - a small, brightly colored bird. The male has a black head, wings and tail, a whitish abdomen and fiery red plumage. The female is colored less brightly: the lower part of the body is orange-red, the back is with an orange coating.

South American view (Venezuela). Inhabits areas of tropical forest, shrubs and open woodlands with meadows in the north of Venezuela, from the north-east of Colombia to about. Trinidad.

You can imagine what the song of the fiery siskin is if you listen to the song of our ordinary siskin.

In 1915, three German canary breeders began hybridizing the domestic canary with the Venezuelan fire siskin (Spinus cucullatus). Crossing with an exotic siskin introduced the hereditary "red factor" into the genotype of the domestic canary (the gene responsible for the inheritance of the red pigment in the plumage). The ability to breed new varieties of canaries has expanded significantly. We are not talking about the red color of the plumage, but about the red factor, the owners of which are orange, and pale pink, and "bronze" and "copper" birds.

It turned out that the song of the siskin is genetically linked to the red factor and manifests itself in colored canaries, introducing cacophony and a different, not inherent in canary, timbre of sound. For decorative birds, this does not matter.Lovers of singing canaries had to introduce a clause in the breed standards prohibiting the use of producers with a red factor in plumage.

These birds were caught by the thousands every year for sale to amateur collectors. Since 1947, fire siskins have disappeared in Colombia, a few of them remained in Trinidad, and in Venezuela, during the nesting period, they can be found only in mountainous areas remote from villages and roads. Although formally in Venezuela, the fire siskin is legally protected and listed in CITES Appendix 1, the high cost of these birds on the black market contributes to their illegal capture and export. The only gratifying thing is that in recent years, fire siskins have successfully reproduced in captivity, laying 3-5 eggs. If necessary, it will be possible to revive some populations from aviary birds or introduce birds to other suitable places. According to G. Raffaele, in 1976 these siskins (12 individuals at a time) were observed in Puerto Rico, where they probably acclimatized.

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