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Fire eyes - a genus of birds from the family of striped ant-catchers


Fire eyes

Fire eyes are a genus of birds from the family of striped ants. The genus contains three species, all found in South America.

The genus Pyriglena was introduced by the German ornithologist Jean Cabanis in 1847. The type species of the genus was subsequently designated the White-shouldered fire-eye.


Body length 16-18 cm, weight 25-36 g. They have characteristic red eyes, which give them their name. They have sexually dimorphic plumage, females have brown to buffy body color with black tails, and males are black with small white spots on their backs or wings. Fire eyes eat various insects and will regularly follow nomadic ants to catch prey scared by them.


Two species of eyeballs are widespread and not endangered, but one species, Spottedbacked, is endangered.

2. Taxonomy and taxonomy

The genus contains three species:

  • Spotted fire-eye Pyriglena atra Swainson, 1825,
  • Pyriglena leuconota castanoptera Chubb, C, 1916
  • Pyriglena leuconota pernambucensis
  • White-backed fire-eye Pyriglena leuconota Spix, 1824,
  • Pyriglena leuconota similis
  • Pyriglena leuconota marcapatensis Stolzmann & Domaniewski, 1918
  • Pyriglena leuconota picea Cabanis, 1847
  • Pyriglena leuconota pacifica Chapman, 1923
  • Pyriglena leuconota maura Menetries, 1835
  • Pyriglena leuconota hellmayri Stolzmann & Domaniewski, 1918
  • Pyriglena leuconota interposita Pinto, 1947
  • Pyriglena leuconota von Spix, 1824
  • White-shouldered fire-eye Pyriglena leucoptera Vieillot, 1818.

The three types of fire eyes have sometimes been considered as one species. A study published in 2017 recommended that the white-backed fire eye be split into three distinct species.

  • ant traps, short-billed and wren ant traps, vireonic esperito, spectacled ants and bushes. They are related to the anttrap families

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Two types of eyeballs are widespread and not endangered, but one species of Spottedbacked eyeballs is threatened. Striped Ant Traps Reissue 2. Firestar Firestar Firepaw Firestar Firestar Firetail Firetail Meteor Firefly Firepaw.

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