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Ultramarine Flycatcher / Ficedula superciliaris


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I don't know how to approach the description of the last trip. Although it was short, it was very intense - each next night was in a new place. The morning began with routes, then a journey, sometimes quite distant and legitimate 2-3 hours of an evening promenade to interesting places. It seems to be correct to state everything every day.but somehow everything will look ordinary))) I think I will combine posts with stories about interesting species of birds and travel notes.

Today, a few pictures of a small interesting bird - ultramarine flycatcher... In size, it is almost the same as the well-known pestle. Slightly different in proportions, since her legs are longer, from which the bird at times more resembles one of the small forest nightingales. Equally often sits on trees and on the ground.

Ultramarine flycatcher, Ficedula superciliaris.
Zixi Mountain Forest Park, Chuxiong, Yunnan.

This flycatcher has a relatively narrow range, it is an exclusively mountainous Himalayan species. Inhabits coniferous and coniferous-deciduous mountain forests at altitudes from 1800 to 3200 meters above sea level from western India through Nepal, Bhutan and northern Burma to Yunnan and Sichuan. In winter, when some of the birds migrate down from the highlands, they can also be found on the plains of central India.

A noticeable white tie is striking, well noticeable when the bird sits, including sideways.
And here she turned her chest to the photographer)))
Unfortunately, shooting in the lower tier of any forest is not particularly fun, but here I also forgot to adjust the diaphragm, continued to click, as in an open space with f11, so noises really make themselves felt)

The female, of course, looks more modest.
You will never notice such a nondescript bird among the trunks or in the forest litter, especially if it sits without moving. Photo by Oleg Chernyshov chernyshov_oleg