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Rhyticeros (lat., from ancient Greek ῥῠτίς - fold and κέρας - horn) is a genus of medium and large birds from the family of hornbills (Bucerotidae). Previously, birds of this genus were included in the genus Aceros.

Representatives of the genus Rhyticeros live in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and Oceania, from Myanmar and Thailand to the Solomon Islands. Rhyticeros They have a large and powerful horny beak, as a rule, birds are decorated with a black plume of feathers, which on the head and back of the head can also be white or red-brown. The tail is white, except for Rhyticeros everettithat have it black. Throat at Rhyticeros covered with blue, easily puffy skin - excluding species Rhyticeros subruficollis and Rhyticeros undulatusin which it is yellow. The body of the birds is covered with black feathers.


For November 2020, 6 species belong to the genus:

  • Rhyticeros cassidix (Temminck, 1823) - Sulawesian kalao
  • Rhyticeros everetti Rothschild, 1897 - Sumbian kalao
  • Rhyticeros narcondami Hume, 1873 - Narcondam Hornbill
  • Rhyticeros plicatus (J. R. Forster, 1781) - Papuan hornbill, or Papuan kalao, or Papuan kalao
  • Rhyticeros subruficollis (Blyth, 1843)
  • Rhyticeros undulatus (Shaw, 1812) - Wavy kalao, or wavy hornbill

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Rhinoceros bird of Narcondam.

Image Bar pouched wreathed hornbill Rhyticeros undulatus stock photos and pictures. Image 59062287. Bird's beak photo is a stunning miracle of nature! Nature. Wreathed hornbill Rhyticeros undulatus. Photo Wreathed hornbill 4500. Photo Wreathed hornbill 4501. Photo Wreathed hornbill 4502. Photo Wreathed hornbill. Taxonomy Genus: Rhyticeros Zooclub. The common rhinoceros Rhyticeros subruficollis is a very rare bird. Two-horned kalao or rhino bird. By the way, birds are long-livers.

Hornbill, rhyticeros, wreathed, malaysia., Undulatus, or, bar.

Image may contain: text JULANG SUMBA Rhyticeros everetti Julang endemik ini berada dalam. The image may contain:. Photo of Wreaths horns bird Rhyticeros undulatus by kwiktor on. Wavy kalao. lat. Rhyticeros undulatus. A bird of the genus Rhyticeros from the rhinoceros family of birds. Appearance. This bird reaches a size of 75 cm.

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Toucan is a family of birds of the order woodpeckers Common rhino Rhyticeros subruficollis is a very rare bird Two-horned…. Taxonomy of birds a Solution of ecological problems. The Papuan Calao Rhyticeros plicatus is a large bird in the rhinoceros family. Previously, the species was assigned to the genus Aceros. 1. Description. Body length up to 91.

Birds of rhinos. Please love and respect. Discussion on.

Hornbill, rhyticeros, wreathed, undulatus, or, thailand., Bar pouched, hornbill. download this copyright content for free Stock photo for. The varied and amazing beaks are amazing. 12/19/2015 Amazingly beautiful birds Blyths hornbill Rhyticeros plicatus. The common rhinoceros Rhyticeros subruficollis is very rare. Black cockatoo. Birds with unusual beaks 15 photos Reddish kalao Rhyticeros subruficollis, a species of the rhino family Next Login.

Wavy kalao Exotarium.

The common rhinoceros Rhyticeros subruficollis is a very rare bird. Zoological Forum Birds Rhino Bucerotiformes. Black cockatoo. Birds with unusual beaks 15 photos Reddish kalao Rhyticeros subruficollis, a species of the rhinoceros family of birds Next Login Settings Privacy Terms. Hornbill, rhyticeros, wreathed, undulatus, or thailand., Bar. Download Stock Photo Rhyticeros Popular Stock Photo Bank Affordable Prices Millions of royalty free photos, images and clip art in.

Wreathed hornbill Photos and descriptions of animals an.

The common rhino Rhyticeros subruficollis is a very rare bird. The common rhinoceros Rhyticeros subruficollis is a very rare and interesting bird. Rhyticeros Reissue 2. Tags: Wavy rhinoceros, wavy kalao, Rhyticeros undulatus, Rhyticeros, wreathed hornbill, Birds, Bali, Indonesia.Striking bird beaks Ears, paws, tail Mirtesen. Rhyticeros undulatus is a bird species of the genus Rhyticeros from the rhinoceros family. Papuan rhino bird, or Papuan kalao, or Papuan kalao. These amazing beaks: grimnir74 LiveJournal. Calao de Vieillot rugose calao Aceros leucocephalus, Rhyticeros leucocephalus. calao festonne wavy calao Aceros undulatus, Rhyticeros. Vegetable hornbill, rhyticeros undulatus, hornbill flying on. Wavy kalao Rhyticeros undulatus Beak length 259 mm. A related species nests only in tropical rainforests.

The meaning of the word julan.

Rhyticeros undulatus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirecting to: Wavy Rhino Bird. What is the .moda Wiki. Wavy bird rhinoceros lat. Rhyticeros undulates Blog. Buy photo Blyths hornbill Rhyticeros plicatus, Lowland rainforest, Karawawi River, Kumawa Peninsula, mainland New Guinea, Western Papua ,.

Southern Purple faced Langur Trachypithecus vetulus vetulus.

Closeup portrait of male Blyth rhino s bird plicatus Rhyticeros. photo about bright, forest, backhoe, black, man, nature, rest ,. Calao penelopides translation from German into all languages. Download Wreaths of Horns bird Rhyticeros undulatus Photos from kwiktor. Subscribe to Envato Elements to download unlimited Photos in one. Birds Rhino Bucerotidae LifeCatalog. Sep 6, 2013 Wreathed Hornbill Rhyticeros undulatus Wavy kalao.

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