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Olive Whistler / Pachycephala olivacea


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Olive Parmelia -Parmelia olivacea (L.) Ach. emend. Nуl.
(= Melanelia olivacea)

Tall. Thallus in the form of leaf-shaped rosettes, less often of irregular shape, up to 10 cm in diameter, tightly attached to the substrate. The lobes are 2-5 mm wide, closely closed or slightly overlapping, with rounded notches at the edges. The upper side of the thallus is greenish-brown, olive or dark brown, smooth, shiny along the edges of the lobes, wrinkled towards the center, sometimes with a grayish bloom, without media and isidia; the lower side is black, lighter at the ends, with scattered rhizines.

Apothecia. Apothecia in the center of the thallus, numerous, up to 5 mm in diameter, with a concave reddish-brown shiny disc and thallus margin of the same color as the thallus.

Habitat. On the bark of deciduous species, especially pine, alder, birch, less often on the bark of conifers and on processed wood, in well-lit places.

Spread. Throughout the taiga zone, mainly in its southern part, as well as in the mountains.

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