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The name black-headed white-bellied caik (Latin Pionites melanocephala melanocephala or the second variant of Pionites melanocephalus) clearly describes its color - black forehead, crown and back of the head and white breast. Cheeks, throat, thighs, undertail - bright yellow-orange color. Wings, back and tail are green. The average weight is 130-170 grams, the average length is 23-25 ​​cm. Females and males are similar to each other - the sex can be determined only by DNA analysis. Chicks from an adult can be distinguished by the color of the iris, beak and breast up to about one year, after the differences disappear. In chicks, the iris gradually changes, first dark, then brown, then brown-red, the beak is light and darkens with age, they do not have green feathers under the eyes, the color of the breast changes from yellowish-gray to white. In an adult bird, the iris of the eye is reddish-red, a black beak, a breast with white feathers and green feathers are present under the eyes.

In addition to the nominal subspecies, it is distinguished by a subspecies - Pionites melanocephala pallidus, which has some differences in color (the breast is pure white, without a yellow tint).

The maximum recorded lifespan of the black-headed caik is 22.6 years. These data are cited by the International Zoo Yearbook. Some sources indicate life expectancy up to 30 years, but documentary evidence is not provided there.

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This is a very energetic winged pet, so it needs a large and spacious trellis house. Some owners prefer to buy a Grays cage, which are significantly larger than the Kaik, to give their pet the maximum amount of space. However, there is no single correct standard for cell size. General recommendation - the pet should be able to open its wings and flap them without touching toys, perches and walls. It is even better when it will be possible to jump between the perches, helping the wings (by flapping). The ATOL cattery on its website recommends a model of 80 * 40 * 60 cm as the minimum size of a cage for a pair of parrots.

They have limited abilities to imitate human speech, but they are good at copying various sounds (alarms, alarms, household appliances, and others). In addition, these intelligent birds are able to quickly learn various tricks. Due to their active nature, it is advised to offer them more toys.

Meals should include dry cereal mix - usually recommends JR Farm food, Prestige series from Versele-Laga, Padovan, Fiory. In addition to grains, it is necessary to give greens, twigs, fruits, vegetables, cereals.

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The area is the northern part of South America, in particular Northern Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and the south of Venezuela. Usually found in pairs or small flocks of up to 30 birds. They rarely gather in large flocks. During flights, they often shout loudly. They feed on fruits, nuts, seeds.

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Black-headed parrot Birds. Budgerigars are a very popular poultry breed. Symptoms of the disease of parrots Red-headed kaik Black-headed kaik. Blackhead caik reviews. Black-headed black-headed parrot on a white background. The black-headed caik is ideal for home cage keeping.These parrots are by no means shy and even brave, willingly take. Kaik parrot -. Black-headed white-bellied parrot Birds. Nandaya, or black-headed parrot lat. Nandayus nenday is a bird of the parrot family. The only species of the genus. Previously included in the genus Aratin.

Black-headed caik.

Black-headed caik. Birds: parrots, cockatoo, grass. The black-headed parrot is the only one to approach the feeding, keeping and breeding of black-headed parrots. Red-headed parrot Kaik. Black-headed caik Kakadushka. Genus Psittacula Colletata or necklace parrots. Himalayan, or black-headed, noble parrot. Psittacula himalayana. Himalayan, or. Parrot Kaik reviews. Seversk parrots are waiting for photographers. SENEGAL LONG-WINGED PARROT This bird is hard not to love, it is special. What is its peculiarity? Striking appearance. Kaik black-headed Moscow nursery of big parrots. Parrots, plum-headed parrot, black-headed aratinga, New Zealand jumping parrot, large and small necklace parrots.

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How to choose a black-headed kaik parrot. Conditions of detention, subspecies, food for the black-headed parrot. Black-headed kaik Parrot nursery. The black-headed parrot, which you can see in the photo, can bite into a rather thick tree with its beak. An exhibition of the coolest parrots and exotic birds. On the video there are black-headed aratingas Nandayus Nandayus A black-headed parrot, he is also a black-headed aratinga Nandayus nenday she is 12. Caik parrot Description, appearance, content. Black-headed parrot or Nandayus nenday detailed description, photo, video, features of keeping and breeding at home.

Black-headed parrot caik description, photo, care and maintenance.

Offer from the company Chizhik and Pyzhik: Cramer's pearl parrot Psittacula krameri at a price of 19,000 rubles. PCS. in the city of Khabarovsk. Senegalese parrot manual baby birds to buy fosterlings in. Lorikeet parrot. Lorikeet parrot lifestyle and habitat. The article will tell you in detail about the lorikeet parrot and its features. Black-headed white-bellied parrot into German Russian. Infinitely tame kaik chicks bred in our Fidget parrot cattery. Socialized, running into the handles like Velcro.

The meaning of the word CHERNOLOVY. What is BLACK-HEADED ?.

The overwhelming majority of parrots living in flocks forage and nest. The black-headed parrot Psittaenia himalayana. Parrot black-headed caik subspecies, care, maintenance in. How much is a parrot. Parrots are loyal friends and companions, and for some, even family members. An important limiting criterion for. Parrots Black-headed Caik Wildlife Park ARAPARK. Check out the topics in the section on training parrots. And I have a black-headed Aratinga! Very cute parrot. I bought it in. The black-headed parrot is what is the black-headed parrot ?. There are two subspecies of the parrot: the nominative Pionites melanocephala and the western black-capped Pionites. The black-headed parrot Aratinga Nenday also known as. Royal Australian parrot ATOL import export birds, bird nursery Parrots Macaws. Cockatoo. Lovebirds. Jaco. Cuban Amazons. Amadines.

Black-headed Caic or Karella parrots? BMW Club.

Alexandrian parrot with a toy ringed parrot on a swing parrot with a pacifier cockatoo plays a black-headed caic with a musical ball. Chicks are fosterlings of a black-headed caicus from a breeder. - buy. Black-capped or black-headed parrot Pionites melanocephala. Parrot kiss. Bird love and tenderness. Photo: Gennady. Black-headed white-bellied caik. Peekaboo. All types of parakeets are classified as wedge-tailed parrots and are in or black-headed parakeet, Colombian and yellow-headed parakeets.

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White-bellied black-headed parrot. Yellow-top, green-winged. The exterminator of zucchini seeds. Zucchini Parrot Kaik. Black-capped or Black-headed parrot. Exhibition. Parrot black-headed caik in Vsevolozhsk. Rybaltovsky company, SP na, ID 13369024.Black-headed white-bellied parrot Elite large parrots. Black-capped or black-headed parrot Pionites melanocephala In large flocks, these parrots gather only in areas of abundant feeding. 10 centavos, Honduras 1999. Parrots. Black-headed caik. 1125. Black-headed parrot lat. Nandayus nenday is a bird of the parrot family. The only species of the genus. Previously included in the genus Aratus black-headed.

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However, as a pet, this species is rare in comparison with the black-headed caik. black-headed and red-headed caik. Habitat and. Black-headed parrot Animals Norm Fasting. Black-headed caik. A parrot with a bright and unusual color - black, orange, white and green feathers are present. photo of a black-headed caik. An exposition of exotic birds has opened at the Seversk Zoo. Barnard's parrot Red-headed white-bellied parrot Black-headed black-headed parrot White-backed lori White-crested cockatoo large. Knitted toy Black-headed parrot Scheme Author. Plum-headed parrot, black-headed parakeet, New Zealand jumping parrot, large and small necklace parrots, cockatoos ,.

Himalayan, or black-headed, noble parrot Parrots.

Highest classification: Brooch parrot made of wool Black-headed caik - order at. Parrots. 17,000 rubles. delivery within the city 2 000 rub. September 20th. 253. Parrot cage Parrots. Under the order. 5 800 rubles. Under the order. delivery within the city 200 rubles. Cramer's necklace parrot Psittacula krameri from the company. Card Black-capped or Black-headed parrot. exhibition of parrots birds tropical exotic from the collection Birds in.


Samara region, Volzhsky district, urban settlement Smyshlyaevka, pos. urban type Stroykeramika. 2 days ago. Parrot black-headed caik. Decorated black-headed parrot 11 November 2014 Stock footage of Black-headed parrot Aratinga nenday also known as black hooded Parrot or nanday Conure sits on an electric.