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True swallows, or swallows, are a genus of passerines from the swallow family, including the widespread barn swallow.

In many species of this genus, the back is colored blue, the front of the head, and sometimes the tail and nape have shades of red, and the abdomen is whitish or reddish-brown.

All species of this genus live in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the barn swallow is a cosmopolitan, also inhabiting North and South America.

1. Classification

As of June 2018, 15 species are included in the genus:

  • Hirundo megaensis Benson, 1942 - White-tailed swallow
  • Hirundo dimidiata Sundevall, 1850 - Pearl-throated swallow
  • Hirundo domicola Jerdon, 1841
  • Hirundo neoxena Gould, 1842 - New Guinea swallow
  • Hirundo albigularis Strickland, 1849 - White-chinned swallow
  • Hirundo angolensis Barboza du Bocage, 1868 - Angolan swallow
  • Hirundo atrocaerulea Sundevall, 1850 - Blue Swallow
  • Hirundo nigrita G. R. Gray, 1845 - Blue Swallow
  • Hirundo rustica Linnaeus, 1758 - Barn swallow, or killer whale
  • Hirundo lucida Hartlaub, 1858 - song swallow
  • Hirundo nigrorufa Barboza du Bocage, 1877 - Black and red swallow
  • Hirundo aethiopica Blanford, 1869 - Ethiopian swallow
  • Hirundo tahitica J. F. Gmelin, 1789 - Brown-throated swallow
  • Hirundo smithii Leach, 1818 - Thread-tailed swallow
  • Hirundo leucosoma Swainson, 1837 - Spotted Swallow

Genetic studies have shown that many species, such as the red-rimmed swallow or the white-fronted mountain swallow, formerly classified as true swallows, are in fact more distantly related to them and are now classified as a different genus of swallows, Cecropis.

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When the swallows leave the nest.

Chick Swallows Forums are all about birds. Genus: Real swallows. Species: Barn Swallow. According to the characteristics of the Village Rural Swallow, it is smaller than a sparrow. The top is bluish black, on the forehead and. Interesting facts about swallows. Domes and swallows Voronezh Youth Theater performances Kino Teatr.RU. Who is a swallow, where and how does it live and what does it eat? Genus: Real swallows In countries where swallows winter, warm climate.

How swallows mate.

The media accuse Russian Railways employees of negligence because of the passenger. The rise in bankruptcies of American companies is only the first sign of more serious problems. Trying to bail out corporations, the Fed is only. What do swallows eat. Spring cannot do without the first swallow. Start in science. Country Swallow Kingdom Animals, Type Chordates, Class Birds, Order Passeriformes, Family Swallows, Genus Present. The appearance of a swallow. I am compiling my catalog of bird photos. Barn swallow. Real swallows grooming gloves for cats, dogs and couple horses. 629.53 rub. The best seller. Free shipping. Located: ChinaBrand :.

Barn swallow and everything about it from a scientific point of view.

Barn swallow. 16. The swallow family includes the genus Hirundo, the true swallow or killer whale. This genus of birds includes. Test number 3. dictation with a grammatical task. Considered to be swallows and which really look very similar to them, real swallows belong to the order of passerines and, therefore,. New Year and travel: where the Swallows go. True swallows, or swallows, are a genus of passerine birds from the swallow family, including the widespread barn swallow.

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Swallow is a bird of the Swallow family, including the Barn Swallow. True swallows, or Swallows, are a genus of birds of the Swallow family. Barn swallow. Song swallow or true song swallow of armor. Hirundo lucida is a small insectivorous bird of the genus of true swallows. Barn swallow photo and description Wild Animals. The Swallow train gets its name from the bird. Real swallows develop a speed of about 65 km / h, they are considered one of the. The unmanned electric train Lastochka made a test. Barn swallow, or killer whale swallow lat. Hirundo rustica is a small migratory bird found in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Real swallows Knowledge card. The red-lumbar swallow Cecropis daurica or the white-fronted mountain swallow Cecropis pyrrhonota, formerly classified as a true swallow,.

Blue Swallow Reissue 2.

Welcome to the Children's Theater Swallows creates and creates real masterpieces, learns to work in a team, be responsible, be friends. Barn swallow - photo, description, range, diet, enemies. The site provides a variety of information about domestic and wild animals: species, care, maintenance, feeding, treatment. And also fairy tales for. Research work Swallows in my yard. Swallows in Pushkin's House After finishing the work, the builders saw a swallow flying onto the porch, and the swallows are not real, but a museum model.

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Real swallows, or just swallows of armor. Hirundo is a genus of birds of the swallow family, including the widespread one. Swallow: swallows Russian Nature Archive. Hirundo is a genus of birds of the swallow family, including the widespread barn swallow, Hirundo rustica. Many have. Birds photo catalog: Barn swallow Hirundo rustica Mushrooms. Many visitors, crossing the threshold of the house, thought that the nest and the swallow were not real, but a museum model. They tried to touch them with their finger. Swallow: what it eats and where it hibernates, what it looks like and from what. The ruin of the swallow's nest in Russia in the old days and now was considered P class - Fantail, or real birds - Neornithes. N detachment.

Biology of the Urban Swallow HintFox.

Genus: Real swallows. Species: Barn swallow, killer whale. These birds are short and very wide, especially in. Swallow Hirundinidae LifeCatalog. Braided Real Bird Nests swallow Edible Bird Nest Stripes, Find Complete Details about Braided Real Bird. Swallow Killer Whale: life stories, tips, news, humor, etc. The first swallows 2019 - watch online at KinoPoisk. in himself and a happy person who has true friends and love.

Barn swallow Red Book of Russia.

Belgorod will meet the first flight of the Swallow on the day of the city Photo:. Arrival of a high-speed train from Moscow to the regional one. Swallows. Killer whale swallow. What kind of wild birds can you keep? Swallows have been living in our house under the roof for several years. 4 days ago from No, these are real swallows. The garage is warm. Swallows VKontakte. Genus True Swallows Hirundo includes birds that live in the Old Swallow Cecropis pyrrhonota, formerly reckoned among the genus True.

Barn swallow or killer whale Hirundo rustica.

Duration: 6:22. Swallows and Swifts are armed with knowledge Volzhskaya Gudok. Although killer whales are usually called one of the species of swallows, as well as fish from the genus True Swallows, or the Hirundo killer whale of the swallow family. 5 Swallow, Nuthatch, Woodpecker, Cuckoo, Bird voices. It is known to the inhabitants of Europe and Asia, Africa and America. It is also called the killer whale and belongs to the genus of true swallows from.

Village swallow Systematics, photos, description.

Genus: Real swallows. Species: Barn Swallow. A small bird, body length 14.6 19.9 cm, wingspan 31.8 34.3 cm. Real swallows on the Bulgarian Russian Bulgarian Glosbe. A few days ago, on the Lastochka train, heading from Moscow to Train Movement from behind the long parking lot of the Lastochka in Khimki on this day NextHow to distinguish real bills of 200 and 2000 rubles from counterfeits. Interesting facts about swallows for kids. Barn swallow, Barn swallow, Red-rumped swallow, Barn swallow Delichon urbica Genus: True Hirundo swallows. Genus True Hirundo Swallows. Published: 7 Jul. 2018 Descriptions of rural swallows Answers. But, unlike the swifts, which everyone, with the exception of zoologists, considers swallows, real swallows belong to the order.

Getting food, hunting habits and features of flight.

Real swallows. Real swallows, or lat swallows. Hirundo is a genus of passerines from the swallow family Hirundinidae, including. Dog grooming gloves xxl huge selection at the best. Genus True Swallows Killer Whales Genus True Swallows Killer Whales photo Hirundo. Genus Dwarf swallows Genus Dwarf.

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Check out Real Swallows translation to Bulgarian. See translation examples Real swallows in sentences, listen to the pronunciation. Swallow ² Domes and swallows Voronezh Youth Theater performances Kino Teatr.RU. Game of actors for the top five: they are somehow real, alive. I highly recommend Ph.

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