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Lalage leucopyga leucopyga

Lalage leucopyga is an extinct bird of the Campephagidae family, a nominative subspecies of the long-tailed whistler larva Lalage leucopyga. This subspecies was endemic to Norfolk Island, an Australian territory in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand. Almost nothing is known about his biology.

1. Description

This subspecies was similar to other subspecies of the long-tailed whistler larvae, although it was slightly larger - 17 - 18 cm long. It also had an ocher tint of the upper tail, a large amount of white at the end of the lateral tail feathers and some other details.

2. Nutrition

For the Norfolk subspecies, only feeding on insects, both terrestrial and flying, was noted, which they looked out for, sitting on some dais. Other subspecies besides insects also feed on small fruits.

3. Reproduction

Breeding was recorded from September to February. Shallow bowl-shaped nests were made of lichens, mosses and fibrous roots and lined with thinner material. The clutch contained two eggs of a pale green color with brown spots. The birds were said to lay another clutch after heavy rains.

4. Disappearance

The birds were last seen in 1942. Due to their contrasting black and white coloring, they were very visible, and even a year before extinction were found in large numbers, although the exact population size was not estimated. The reason for the extinction was probably the extermination of birds by the black rats that appeared on the island in the 1940s, as well as the destruction of a large area of ​​subtropical rainforest for the construction of the airport at about the same time.

Instances of these birds are kept in the museums of Leiden, Vienna, Tring and in the collection of H. L. White in Melbourne.

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Lalage Archive BVI: Systematics.

The white-browed larvae Lalage leucomela and the species Coracina lineata love the Lalage leucomela The long-tailed whistler larvae Lalage leucopyga. Norfolk Island Triller, 978 613 3 25517 3, 613325517X. The Norfolk Island Triller Lalage leucopyga was a small passerine bird in the Cuckoo shrike family, Campephagidae. It is the extinct nominate. Long-tailed whistler larvae Birds. Conservation status :.

List of birds Australia Wiki CC BY SA 3.0.

On this topic. LaLa Lalage leucopyga Lalabel, The Magical Girl Taphrina Lalandia Long-tailed whistler larvae Lalande 21185 BR Pisces. Insular larvae Lalage Boie, 1826 Insular. The light-nose larvae Lalage leucopyga is a native subspecies, endemic to the volcanic island of Norfolk with an area of ​​36 km2 located about. Lalabel online video search. Highest classification:

The larvaeater is light-nosed.

And already in our century, the Norfolk starling Aplonis fusca and the local subspecies of the light-nosed larvaeater Lalage leucopyga leucopyga died out. Beau point de vue. Site protege donc baignade et pique nique. Lalage leucopyga lat. extinct bird of the family Campephagidae, nominative subspecies of the long-tailed whistler larvae. List of Australian birds with commentary. The Long tailed Triller Lalage leucopyga is a species of bird in the Campephagidae family. It is found in New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.

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Ornith. echenilleur pie light-nose larvae Lalage leucopyga. ornith. echenilleur pie Borespine flycatcher Hemipus picatus. Long tailed Triller, 978 613 3 25508 1, 6133255080.9786133255081. 12 Lalage leucopyga. 1. LAT Lalage leucopyga Gould. 2. RUS long-tailed whistler larva m, light-nosed larva m. 3. ENG long tailed. Helmet-headed whistler from Latin to all languages.魔法 少女 ラ ラ ベ ル Maho: sho: jo Raraberu, Young Sorceress Lalabel is a maho shojo anime filmed at Toei Animation. Lalage leucopyga. Sheet1. Species: Lalage aurea Temminck, 1825 Species: Lalage leucomela Vigors et Horsfield, 1827 White-browed larvae. Species: Lalage leucopyga Gould, 1838. O. l. leucopyga C.L. Brehm, 1855 O. l. ernesti R. Meinertzhagen, 1930 avensis Lalage melaschistos Ava Innwa is the former capital of Burma Myanmar.

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