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Actinodura morrisoniana)


Yunnan is the place where all the natural wonders of the planet meet. One of the most amazing regions of the PRC. This place combines not only amazing nature with beautiful mountains and pristine lakes and rivers, but also many natural and historical attractions.

General information

Yunnan Province, which in Chinese means "cloudy South" or "country south of the clouds", is located in the southern part of China next to Tibet, Sichuan province, Laos and Vietnam. The area of ​​the region is about 395 thousand square kilometers, which is about 4% of the entire country as a whole. The administrative and economic center of the province is located in the largest city of Kunming.

Yunnan Province on the map:

It is worth noting that most of the territory is occupied by mountains, and here you will also find a huge number of rivers and lakes, but at the same time there are almost no large industries, since the main occupation of the population is agriculture. The province mainly grows sugarcane, rice, tobacco and tea, and is also an exporter of flowers for China. All this influenced the climate of the region.

Yunnan is considered the birthplace of Pu-erh tea.

The region is rightfully considered the most beautiful and picturesque in the whole country, artists come here for inspiration, and tourists to enjoy the beauty.

Did you know that the Silk Road passed through Yunnan?

The province consists of urban and autonomous districts, there are 16 of them in total, each with about 100 different county-level units.

Features of the terrain

  • A unique natural phenomenon - Three Rivers, which is formed thanks to three parallel rivers Mekong, Yangtze and Nag-chu. It is known in the world as the world genetic fund. It is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna.
  • The region is known for its non-ferrous metal, as a huge amount of minerals is mined here. It is worth noting that approximately 30% of the world's tin is located here.


The cultural and industrial center is located in Kunming, which has a population of about 4 million. Other large cities Dali, Gejiu, Zhaotong, Baoshan are located next to Lake Er-Hai.

The region has a fairly diverse ethnic composition. Live here:

  • Chinese (approximately 67% of the population)
  • Tibeto-Burmese peoples
  • Mon-Kmer peoples
  • Thai groups

It is important to note that each nationality has its own dialect, traditions and clothing.

In general, nationalities live next to each other, but there are separate ethnic groups who live in their own communities.

A beautiful video about the people and nature of Yunnan province:

The customs of the local population of the province

I would like to tell you about one of the traditions of the local population - dances around the fire, accompanied by music. Historically, people thanked the sacred red dragon in this way, and nowadays it is a wonderful part of the life of the inhabitants. This custom has been preserved for over 3000 years.

Now you can not only watch the action, but also take part, if you wish.

Climate and weather

The province is located in a tropical climate, with fairly moderate air temperatures. Summers are not very hot, the average temperature is about 22 ° С, and winters are comfortable (up to -9 ° С).

The uniqueness of the region lies in the fact that spring comes here 4 times a year.

Thanks to the climate with its warm and humid air, plants release new shoots all year round. A huge number (more than 25 thousand) of various plants grow here, which create unique natural attractions, which we will discuss below.

Kingdom of plants

Nowadays, the largest flower exhibition known throughout the world is held in Kunming. The fair takes place on the territory of the golden temple in the northern part of the city.

I would like to note that the tradition of holding flower fairs here began in 174.

It was in Yunnan that the concept of a flower landscape appeared, since plants occupy more than 75% of the territory.

Just imagine that more than 10 million florists and gardeners visit Kunming from 1.05 to 31.10 annually to visit the exhibition, which was called "People and Nature of the XXI Century."

Puer tea

The province is famous for Pu'er tea, of which there are more than 250 types. Tourists can try it at any cafe in Yunnan. It is believed that the population of the province is distinguished by longevity thanks to this amazing drink.

The drink is used not only as a tea, but also as a medicine. Perfectly helps to cope with chronic diseases and helps in losing weight.


Before planning your trip to Yunnan, you should pay attention to the holiday calendar. We recommend that you avoid the following periods for your visit:

  • Labor Day (May 1-7),
  • Chinese New Year (floating dates)
  • Education Day of the People's Republic of China (first week of October)

The local population is quite hardworking, so they choose the time for their travels exclusively on public holidays. Accordingly, at this time, the load on airports and railway stations increases, as well as huge crowds heading to the sights, which will complicate the opportunity for you to get acquainted with the most interesting places. It should be noted that the cost of air travel, hotels will increase several times.

How to get to Yunnan from Russia

There are several options for getting to the province.

  1. As part of an excursion group. This is the easiest way, as the route will be worked out for you and within 7-11 days, you will be able to visit the most popular attractions. The cost will be approximately 50,000 rubles. per person (depending on the travel agency, prices may differ), but you will need to apply for a visa and pay for air tickets additionally.
  2. Get there by plane. To do this, you will need to purchase tickets to Kunming. The cost of a direct flight from Moscow is approximately 30,000 rubles. per person one way. Or there are options with a transfer in Shanghai, the price will be from 40,000 rubles one way.

How to get from another province of China

There are 2 ways:

  • By train from Sichuan province. The trip is quite long, about 15 hours. Ticket price from 9000 rubles. depending on the class. Please note that travel from other provinces will be much longer and more expensive, so it is more profitable to choose the flight option.
  • By plane from the cities of China to Kunming. The cost will vary depending on your location.

Local cuisine and restaurants

China is very diverse not only in dialects of the Chinese language (each province has its own), but also in traditional dishes. You don't have to dine in restaurants to get to know the local cuisine, it is worth trying street food too.

The most popular dishes in the province:

  • Guoqiao rice noodles - somewhat vaguely reminiscent of a soup with meat, seafood and fish,
  • Steamed chicken
  • Rice pie is the most important dish on the festive table during the New Year celebrations,
  • Smoked tofu is an evening snack that you can easily find outside at night,
  • Eight Treasures of Yunnan is a satisfying 8-course snack.

We have prepared for you a selection of restaurants and cafes where you can taste local dishes:

  • Sherry Restaurant, Lijiang. Decorated in a traditional style. Average check from 1000 rubles.
  • Yunshuiyao Restaurant, Lijiang. A very atmospheric place, but quite expensive. The cost of lunch will be about 5-7 thousand rubles.
  • Dianxi Wangzi, Lijiang City. Beautiful decoration in old Chinese style. Budget option: from 800 rubles / lunch
  • Rice Slurp, Lijiang - refers to a diner. Prices and menus will delight you.
  • The Master of LiJiang, Lijiang - we advise you to take a look. Interesting interior and delicious food at reasonable prices.


There are no problems with living in the province, since the bulk of residential buildings are hotels. The choice is good: from simple hotels to luxurious, it all depends on your preferences. I would like to emphasize that high-level hotels (5 stars) are mainly located in Kunming, and the rest of the categories are located near tourist centers.

The most interesting options:

  • The Bivou Lijiang (5 *) - a good location: near the ancient city of Shuhe and not far from the center of Lijiang. A very interesting place for decoration, it combines modern style with traditional Chinese. Cost - from 7,000 rubles / night
  • Jinmao Hotel Lijiang, The Unbound Collection By Hyatt (5 *), Lijiang is a very beautiful and atmospheric place. The views of the mountains are especially impressive for tourists. Quite a non-budget option - from 12,000 rubles / night
  • Sofitel Kunming (5 *), Kunming - decorated in a modern style with panoramic windows. Convenient location. Prices start at RUB 7500 / night.
  • Songtsam Lodge Shangri-la (Lvgu) (4 *), Shangri-La - is located next to Sumceling Monastery. Rooms are spacious and decorated in traditional Chinese style. Cost - from 10,000 rubles per night.
  • Intercontinental Kunming (4 *), Kunming - Great location next to Danchi Lake. Fairly beautiful hotel with excellent service. Price per night - from 9 500 rubles.
  • Shanshui Taoyuan Inn (3 *), Lijiang is a pleasant mini-hotel located next to the lake. Excellent value for money and quality. Rest will start from 3,500 rubles / night

What to visit in the province

Coming to Yunnan, you should definitely visit the following cities:

  • the capital is Kunming,
  • Shangri-La,
  • Lijiang,
  • Dali.

Don't forget to drop by Xishuangbanna-Dai County and Lugu Lake.

Yunnan Province has a wide variety of interesting places to see everything, you will need more than two months.

Attractions created by nature

  1. Tiger Leaping Gorge. Stunning beauty canyon located on the Yangtze River. It is considered one of the deepest gorges in the world and there are hiking trails along it. It will take about 2 days to complete this route, and you can spend the night with the residents of Naxi.
  2. Lakes
  • Lugu - located near the Sichuan province. It is distinguished by its pristine beauty and clarity of water. The second name is the pearl plateau,
  • Erhai - a lake located near the city of Dali,
  • Dianchi is the largest lake located near Kunming,
  • Fusien - its depth reaches 155 meters. There are many beaches here, a great place to swim.

  • Xishan, the second name is the Western Mountains, located near the city of Kunming on the shores of Lake Dianchi. The mountains cover about 900 hectares. There are the Lohanshan, Taihuashan and Huatingshan mountain peaks, which are more than 2.5 km above sea level. There are several legends about this place, one of them is that the mountains are a girl, and the lake is her tears because of her lover. The main attraction of this place is the Dragon Gate. It is a temple complex where sculptures are carved into the rocks.
  • Cangshan is distinguished by the presence of a huge number of mountain waterfalls,
  • The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the main feature of this place, the highest cable car in the mountains is located here.
  • Mount Meili is the highest in the region and is one of the four sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism.

4. Shilin stone forest. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This place appeared 260 million years ago, before that there was a sea, but now there are stone pillars that resemble trees, animals, birds and even people. The forest can be divided into 2 parts: underground and aboveground. In the second part, you can find lakes and a waterfall. In the underground part you will find caves: Qifeng, where you can see an interesting phenomenon when a whirlwind forms in an underground river, and Zhiyun.

5. Red Lands of Donchuan. The place is known for its colorful fields and terraces that look like a patchwork quilt.

6. Three Rivers. The park is located in Shangri-La and is popular for its three parallel rivers, the Yangtze, Mekong and Salween.

Historical monuments

  • Lijiang city, founded over 800 years ago. You should definitely walk through the old town and see old houses and canals dating back to the 5th century. It is important to note that from Lijiang it is quite convenient to plan trips to other interesting places.

  • Dali is a city located between Lake Er-Hai and the Canshan Mountains. It is home to the "Bai" ethnic group, which is distinguished by its style in architecture and interesting local food. The city is divided into two parts: Xiaguan, which is considered the "new city" and Dali. Don't miss the majestic Three Pagodas. Surprisingly, visually you will see 9 floors, but in fact there are fewer of them. The uniqueness of these buildings is that they survived the earthquake that took place in 1925.
  • Shangri-La or in other words "gate to Tibet". The starting point for routes in the nearest mountains, lakes and Tibetan monasteries. A distinctive feature is that the local population is very different from the Chinese. If possible, stop by a café and sample some interesting yak meat dishes and Tibetan salted butter tea.
  • Honghe Hani Rice Terraces are a unique rice growing system. The most suitable time to visit is from November to March, as during this period the terraces are filled with water and you can see the beauty of the sky and mountains in reflection. Interestingly, depending on the season, you can observe a change in the color of the terraces.

  • Sumceling Monastery, founded in the 16th century. It is worth visiting if you are visiting Shangri-La. We advise you to spend half a day on this, because it is considered the largest temple of Tibetan Buddhism in the province.
  • Hot springs located near Tengchun. Recommended for visiting tourists suffering from diseases of the skin and joints.
  • Xishuangbanna Park is located near Jinghong County. The second name is Tropical Botanical Garden. Due to its location at the intersection of tropical and subtropical climates, it is distinguished by a variety of plants and animals.
  • Honghe Bridge is considered the highest observation deck in the world.

What to bring as a gift from Yunnan?

There are a lot of options, but we settled on the most traditional ones:

  • Green tea. It is best to buy it in stores by weight, since there you will have the opportunity to taste the drink.

  • Chinese silk. I would like to note that clothes and bedding will be quite expensive, but you can always find small accessories made of this material at reasonable prices.
  • Jade jewelry.
  • Food sticks.
  • Jewelry made using the cloisonne technique.
  • Decorated lettering in the style of Chinese calligraphy.
  • Baijiu rice vodka. For your information, the elite brand is called Maotai.
  • Souvenirs featuring Mao Zedong.

What you need to know before you travel

  • Always pay for public transport, do not create trouble for yourself.
  • Treat the police with respect and never offer bribes.
  • Keep in mind that children are allowed to go to the toilet anywhere. For this, there are special bags that parents always carry with them. We advise you not to pay attention to this, so as not to provoke a conflict situation
  • The local population treats tourists with a European appearance with special awe, so you will find yourself in the spotlight for a while. Special attention to fair-haired people.
  • When ordering dishes, be sure to specify what will be served to you in order to avoid surprises. After all, even meat can mean snake meat, for example.
  • We recommend that you learn a couple of basic Chinese phrases.
  • If you want to clarify the route, it is better to contact at least three people, as the information may vary.
  • Try the local cuisine, where else can you eat this? But be careful with delicacies, as our stomachs are not used to such food.

  • And most importantly, English is far from always able to help you, even in Shanghai or Beijing. It is best to take the hotel business card with you, and copy the addresses of the necessary places in Chinese.

China you haven't seen

Yunnan Province is perfect for those wishing to get acquainted with the history of the PRC and at the same time enjoy the unique natural sites that will not leave you indifferent.A place where you can visit the world's most famous landmarks created by nature itself, taste unusual local cuisine and become the center of attention of the local population. This journey will forever remain in your memory.

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Netherlands at Eurovision 1961

The Netherlands took part in the 1961 Eurovision Song Contest held in Cannes, France. He was introduced by Grete Kauffeld with the song "Wat een dag", which performed at number 6. This year, the country received 6 points, sharing 10th, 11th and 12th places with Finland and Monaco, which received the same number of points. This year Pit te Nul became the commentator of the competition from the Netherlands, and Sieb van der Zee became the herald. Every year, the country hosts a National Competition, based on the results of which a performer and a song for Eurovision are selected. But in 1961, the competition was not held, and a special commission decided to send the participant of the last year's Netherlands National Competition Grete Kauffeld, who took third place.

Ⓘ Sibia

Sibia is a genus of passerine birds from the comic thymelia family. They live in hilly areas from India to Indochina and Taiwan. In the south, representatives of the genus are found up to Vietnam and Laos.

1. Classification

As of February 2018, 7 species are included in the genus:

  • Actinodura nipalensis Hodgson, 1836 - Nepalese Sybian
  • Actinodura ramsayi Walden, 1875 - Spectacled Sybian
  • Actinodura sodangorum Eames, Trai, Cu & Eve, 1998
  • Actinodura waldeni Godwin-Austen, 1874 - Yunnan Sybian
  • Actinodura egertoni Gould, 1836 - Red-fronted Sybian
  • Actinodura morrisoniana Ogilvie-Grant, 1906 - Taiwan Sybian
  • Actinodura souliei Oustalet, 1897 - Tonkin Sibia

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