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Yukhin - a genus of passerine birds from the white-eyed family


viewYukhina brownheadYuhina brunneicepsOgilvie-Grant1906
familyThymeliaTimaliidaeVigors & Horsfield1827
suborder / suborderSingersOscines
detachment / orderPasserinesPasseriformes
superorder / superorderNew Sky Birds (Typical Birds)NeognathaePycroft1900
infraclassReal birds (Fan-tailed birds)NeornithesGadow1893
subclassCilegrud Birds (Fantail Birds)Carinatae Ornithurae (Neornithes) Ornithurae (Neornithes)Merrem1813
subtype / subdivisionVertebrates (Cranial)Vertebrata (Craniata)Cuvier1800
type / departmentChordatesChordata
supertypeCoelomic animalsCoelomata
sectionBilaterally symmetrical (Three-layer)Bilateria (Triploblastica)
subkingdomMulticellular animalsMetazoa


The Yukhins are a genus of passerine birds from the white-eyed family. Natural habitat - plain and mountain humid forests of temperate, tropical and subtropical zones of Southeast Asia.

1. Classification

As of November 2018, 11 species are included in the genus:

  • Yuhina brunneiceps Ogilvie-Grant, 1906 - Brown-headed juhina, endemic to the island of Taiwan.
  • Yuhina nigrimenta Blyth, 1845 - Tit yuhina, common in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal and Vietnam.
  • Yuhina gularis Hodgson, 1836 - Motley-throated Yuhina, lives in Bhutan, India, China, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal and Vietnam.
  • Yuhina diademata J. Verreaux, 1869 - Collared yuhina, lives in China, Myanmar, Nepal and Vietnam.
  • Yuhina everetti Sharpe, 1887 - lives in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Yuhina humilis Hume, 1877 - lives in Myanmar and Thailand.
  • Yuhina occipitalis Hodgson, 1836 - Red-bellied yuhina, lives in Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar and Nepal.
  • Yuhina flavicollis Hodgson, 1836 - Yellow-occipital yukhina, inhabits the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.
  • Yuhina bakeri Rothschild, 1926 - Red-headed yuhina, native to Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar and Nepal.
  • Yuhina castaniceps F. Moore, 1854 - Red-eared yukhina, lives in the Indian subcontinent and in Southeast Asia.
  • Yuhina torqueola Swinhoe, 1870 - lives in the south of China.

  • Ivan Vasilievich Yukhin 1905 - 1990 - Soviet climber and trainer, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR 1942 Participant of a number of first ascents in the Caucasus mountains
  • Vladimir Vladimirovich Yukhin August 11, 1945 - Russian diplomat. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Botswana 1993 - 1998 Born on 11 August 1945
  • two subspecies. DNA studies from 2018 show that Yuhina Yuhins are not each other's closest relatives. Yuhina
  • Gertruda Georgievna Yukhina is married to a Dzerzhinsk family. January 30, 1939 1939 - 01 - 30 Leningrad - Soviet pop singer lyric soprano In childhood
  • Red-eared yukhina lat. Yuhina castaniceps is a bird species from the white-eyed Zosteropidae family. Inhabits the Indian Subcontinent and the Southeast
  • Brown-headed yukhina lat. Yuhina brunneiceps is a species of passerine bird of the white-eyed Zosteropidae family endemic to Taiwan. Length 12 - 13 cm. Coloring
  • Yukhino is a village in the Pestovsky municipal district of the Novgorod region. It is part of the Okhonsky rural settlement. According to the all-Russian population census
  • Yukhin is a Russian surname. Famous speakers: Yukhin Vladimir Vladimirovich b. 1945 - Russian diplomat, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Botswana
  • Vladimir Ivanovich Yukhin 1918 - 1992 - Soviet diplomat. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. Member of the CPSU b. Diplomatic service since 1946. In 1946
  • Red-bellied yukhina Yuhina occipitalis is a species of birds from the white-eyed family. Lives in the north of the Indian subcontinent, mainly in the Eastern Himalayas
  • The variegated yukhina Yuhina gularis is a species of birds from the white-eyed family. Their range extends from the Himalayas to southern China and central Vietnam.
  • Red-headed yukhina lat. Yuhina bakeri - a species of passerine birds from the family of white-eyed Zosteropidae Body length 12 - 13.5 cm, weight 14 - 24 g. Head
  • Yellow occipital yukhina lat. Yuhina flavicollis - a species of passerine birds of the white-eyed family Zosteropidae Northern India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh
  • Yuhina everetti is a species of birds from the genus Yukhina of the white-eyed family. Previously, the species was included in the genus Staphida. Previously he, Yuhina torqueola and Yuhina castaniceps
  • Titmouse yukhina lat. Yuhina nigrimenta is a species of passerine birds from the family of white-eyed Zosteropidae Body length 9 - 10 cm, weight 8 - 14 g. Indian subcontinent
  • brown and gray colors. Vocalizations are not described, moving in groups, yukhin uttered a cry chak - chak They feed on fruits, nectar and insects. IUCN
  • betrays an accomplice and goes to jail. There he meets Valet Leonid Yukhin, an old thief, who introduces him to a new business: to one of the construction projects
  • meeting not credited Vladimir Smirnov - pilot not credited Leonid Yukhin - conductor not credited Vera Blagovidova - controller not credited Igor
  • isp. Nina Brodskaya I am waiting and I love Y. Golyakov isp. Zoya Vinogradova, Gerta Yukhina Nina Okhlopkova Hello and goodbye L. Norkin isp. Larisa Mondrus I love
  • Vladimir Rudy - Mitka Iraida Soldatova - dukhan woman Mukhamed Tubaev Leonid Yukhin Alexey Vanin Pyotr Kiryutkin Georgy Svetlani - serviceman Mikhail Troyanovsky
  • Shanghai II Two 27 'patrol boats Two Yukhin-class amphibious assault ships In 2015-2016 Tanzania replaced two amphibious assault ships with similar ones
  • Leshchenko For a month I fell in love with a river of muses. A. Muromtseva - isp. Gertrude Yukhina That's all the love of muses. V. Dobrynina - isp. Margarita Suvorova Time
  • Mikhail Timofeevich Abalakov, Vitaly Mikhailovich Dzhaparidze, Alexander Bichievich Yukhin Ivan Vasilievich Gusev, Alexander Mikhailovich Dzhaparidze, Alexandra Bichievna
  • Dushkin A. V. Group for the synthesis of powder materials Head: Doctor of Chemical Sciences Yukhin Yu.I. Group of materials for lithium - ion batteries Leader: k
  • Valentina Tolkunova - The only one in the vase D. Ashkenazi - O. Fokina Gertrude Yukhina - I don't know V. Gavrilin - O. Fokina State Academic Northern
  • Features of processing of aramid threads and yarns in weaving: monograph S. S. Yukhin S. D. Nikolaev, I. V. Rybaulina - Moscow: MGUDT, 2015 - 174 p - ISBN 978 - 5 - 87055 - 291 - 0
  • Anatoly Korolev Meeting you muses. Yakov Dubravin, performed by Gertrude Yukhina Just happiness of muses. Yakov Dubravin, performed by Joseph Kobzon Waltz for
  • All-Russian Popular Front ONF Andrei Krasov and a guest from Crimea, writer Sergei Yukhin It was noted at the congress that the number of members of the United Ossetia party exceeded
  • ROAD Devoted to the cause of the party of Lenin - Stalin Archived May 23, 2011. Yukhin L.I. Eyewitness Story Construction 503 1947 - 1953: Documents. Materials (edit)
  • Ratsek. Chimgan - Tashkent: Uzbekistan, 1964 - 35 p. V.I.Ratsek, I.V. Yukhin In the area of ​​Pobeda Peak Collection Defeated peaks 1953 - M .: GIGL

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We returned to a deep history and the holiday was a success Babyninsky.

The red-headed yuhina Yuhina bakeri is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar and Nepal. Brown-headed Juhina Yuhina brunneiceps. Supr - Blog on DTF. The Yukhins from the Voskresensky village celebrated their emerald wedding. 15 November 2017, Wednesday. Nikolai Semenovich and Zinovia Dmitrievna.

Yukhina Everetti Borneo Malaysia Stock Photo.

Caucasian Regional Administration, under Vatnik Yukhin. 1 he, 1 sad lagging corrected in accordance with the notes of the Forest Department of the clear. What does yuhyui mean? YUHYUI wiki, YUHYU value Yukhin. Female surname. I. p. Yukhina R. p. Yukhina D.p. V.P. Yukhina Yukhin T. p. Yukhina P.P. Yukhina. Plural. I. p. Yukhin R. p. Yukhin. A resident of the Pronsky district found the grave of his uncle who died in the war. The Yukhins celebrated their golden wedding in November last year. Farida Abdullovna could not then come to congratulate the gold.

The name is Denis. a 77. Analysis of the Surname.

DIGITAL EVENTS. Lectures, discussions, master classes and residences. Episode Catastrophe from the video game Yukhina's Nightmares. Julia Kozhemyako supr. Read online We are nowhere else at home author Julia. This group includes the owners of the beautiful surname Yukhina. Here you can discuss versions of the origin of the surname, look for namesakes, etc. Feathered voices of the Yuhina genus are cute. Download the photo of Shabby Yukhin Flavicollis Birds of Thailand now. And search our library of royalty-free stock images from iStock. Golden Cinnamon and Chocolate Truffle a 66. Material. Holotype in no. 3708, paratypes 8 c?, 9 c black-throated yukhina. Yuhina nigrimenta. Blyth, 1845 Timaliidae, North Vietnam, province.

Yukhina Irina Facebook.

Download stock photo 204990528 of Yukhin Everetti in Borneo, Malaysia from a collection of millions of licensed photographs. The Yukhin dynasty crew of real men AviaPort. Yuhas Nightmares Devlog part 3 JAM ENDING. Yukhin's nightmares, version End of jam. The link to the build is at the very bottom. title, author :. History of the Yukhin surname. Born and raised in Manganets! I thought that my brother and I were the only Yukhins! This is a very rare surname! I think that all Yukhins are relatives, write !.

YUKHIN BAIKI Forum of Biathlon Forecasters.

2003 Cook Islands, 50 C, Taiwan Yuhin Copper Nickel PF Coin. RUB 2,223.07 Free shipping Located in: Taiwan VANUATU 10. Surnames ending in Yukhin Eva.Ru. Yukhin. September 3rd. On the mortgage. We have been paying the mortgage at GPB for three years. And during this time, we have never regretted that they took out a mortgage in this particular bank, after all.

Declension by cases of the surname Yukhin declension of full name online.

I am looking for a nalchan with the name of Yukhin. I am looking for a man. Exclamation I am looking for a nalchan with the name of Yukhina 03/04/2017 ,. Improvement in apartment buildings in the village of Bekovo at some. Maria Ivan Yukhin. 63 years old. Place of residence Zaporozhye, Ukraine. Terrorism Guestbook. October 20, 2010, Wednesday. Yukhin - divorce. hearing at the request of Naurazbayeva R.F. about extradition. Yukhin FamilySpace. The surname Yukhin comes from the Yukhin clan. Complete the origin of the surname Yukhina or Iukhina below. Is it reliable? Yes 0 No 0. Version # 2. Yukhin's Map of knowledge. Moscow dated September 16, 2010, which resolved: In the claim of Boris Andreevich Yukhin, Vladimir Andreevich Yukhin against Vladimir Yukhin.

Shabby Yukhin Flavicollis Birds Thailand stock.

Views. The genus has 12 species: The red-headed yuhina bakeri lives in Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar and Nepal. We have been paying the mortgage at GPB for three years. And during this time, never once Reviews. Yukhin's experiments hooked up! By the way, it is written on the paper packaging that Lomond produces paper for laser printers for transfer.

The TASS Triennial of Contemporary Art opens in Moscow.

All bearers of surnames in Sadovaya Sloboda: Zhuchkovs, Rodina, Usachevs, Yukhalins, Yukhins, have a common ancestor, Petrushka Denisov. Yuhas Nightmares Devlog part 1 Indie at DTF. Yukhina Irina is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Yukhina Irina and find other friends. Facebook provides.

Determination of the IC for civil cases of the Moscow city.

YUKHIN BAIKI ABOUT ANYTHING AND ABOUT EVERYTHING. Missing 2003 coins in South Pacific eBay. And Yukhin's descendants will huddle in a shed on the borders of the former sipil's possessions, and will work for the non-working descendants of the unfortunate.

Izgeto Clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Yukhin lat. Yuhina is a genus of white-eyed passerine birds.Visit the site to learn more. The book We are nowhere else at home read online for free. Yulidochromis Yunko Yunnan hare Yunnan newt Yuramaya Yutaraptor Yukhin. Updated: Views: 3412 Next Login Settings. Judicial site No. 3 in the city of Kumertau of the Republic. The crest, in the titmouse, straightens out when the bird is alarmed or excited. Titmouse yukhina feeds mainly on nectar and insects.

Moscow's cassation appeal rulings.

Genera of birds 1.1 White-headed grebes 1.2 Hummingbirds arhilochus 1.3 Slavic tanagra 1.4 Crested larks 1.5 Yukhin 1.6 Result 2 Kyzyltas mountains. Animals starting with the letter Yu a complete list of animals on the planet Taiwan Yukhin with pink flowers Taiwan Yukhin with pink flowers Available on request. Match powder. Organic matcha green tea. Yukhins are What are Yukhins ?. Some species of birds are chatterboxes and Yuhanis yuhina, a genus of passerines of the Thymeliad family, Tanagers of the Tanager family, and Euphonias.

New species of feather mites of the genus Mouchetia Zoological.

Probably, these stupid Yukhin lines warped and blurred, three buckets of my avaricious man's tears poured out on them ... ... The last blow. Portal of municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan. Probably, these stupid yukhin lines warped and blurred. three buckets of my mean man's tears poured out on them ... ... The last blow. Yukhin with comments. The list of his mowing activities is huge. It's scary for the country when such geeks of the Yukhin get into the State Duma. Quote. Knowledge Day in Magnitogorsk, a first-class town in 2018. The Yukhins' spouses have lived for such a long time, experienced difficulties, problems and sorrows and managed to maintain the most important thing, love and mutual understanding.

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Interspecific bird conflicts are explained by competition and hybridization

Many animals jealously guard their territory from the invasion of strangers. This is logical when it comes to a representative of its own species. However, an individual belonging to a different species often becomes the object of attack. For a long time, it was believed that such interspecific territoriality was just a by-product of the intraspecific one. In other words, the owner attacks the stranger by mistake, mistaking him for a relative.

However, new evidence suggests that protecting an area from other species is adaptive. It can arise and persist when different species compete for a particular resource, such as food or shelter.

A team of zoologists led by Jonathan P. Drury of the University of Durham conducted a massive study of interspecies competition for territory using the example of North American passerines. After analyzing the literature, scientists found that this behavior is typical for 104 of their species. This is 32.3 percent of the total number of passerine species in North America. Thus, interspecies competition is more widespread than previously thought.

According to the authors, in most cases, birds come into conflict over territory with a representative of one specific species. There are several factors that increase the chances of forming a pair of competing species. For example, birds that live in the same biotope, have similar sizes and nest in hollows are more likely to be involved in conflicts over territory. For species belonging to the same family, another factor plays an important role - the probability of hybridization. If two species are capable of interbreeding with each other, their males are likely to react aggressively to each other.

Based on the data obtained, the researchers concluded that interspecific conflicts for territory among birds do not arise at all by mistake. This behavior is an adaptive response to competition for a limited resource, as well as a mechanism to prevent hybridization between closely related species.