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Megapodius layardi - animals described in 1824


Big-footed or weed chickens (lat.Megapodiidae) - a family of birds from the order of chickens, consisting of 6 genera and 19 species.


Bigfoots are common in Australia and on the islands located to the north of it. At the same time, the geographic range is quite wide. These include Tonga and Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, the Bismarck Archipelago, New Guinea, the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Nicobar Islands.


Unlike most other birds, biglegs do not incubate their eggs, but bury them in the ground or in a pile of humus, where they develop due to the sun's heat or the heat generated by rotting plants. The male watches over the eggs. The delicate skin inside the beak serves as a kind of "thermometer" for him. With its help, the male monitors the temperature inside the "incubator" and, depending on its fluctuations, either digs out eggs or falls asleep with sand. When the chicks hatch, they crawl out from under the sand and rest. But after a couple of hours they are already able to run, and after a day they can fly.

Megapodius layardi

Megapodius layardi is a species of birds from the bigfoot family. Endemic to Vanuatu, recorded on most of the islands north of Efate. Lives in tropical and subtropical forests. The specific Latin name is given in honor of the English naturalist Edgar Layard.

1. Appearance

Small big-legged with a body length up to 32 cm. The plumage is black. The facial disc is non-feathered, red, and the beak is yellow. Legs are strong, yellow. Chicks are monotonously brown.

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The wingspan of ancient birds reached 6.5 meters.

Vabuatu Megapode Megapodius layardi, Extinguished No. 2012 1469 Stamp from the set Vanuatu 2012 Vabuatu Megapode Megapodius layardi, Extinguished. Chicken-like Descriptions and photos of animals Non-commercial. Megapodius bernsteinii Sula bigfoot: Megapodius geelvinkianus: Megapodius laperouse Micronesian bigfoot: Megapodius layardi. Big-footed or weedy chickens. Birds of Australia. Australia. Other species of the genus Megapodius follow a flexible nest-building strategy in Megapodius geelvinkianus Megapodius eremita Megapodius layardi.

Family 1. Megapodiidae large-legged, or weedy, chickens.

Megapodius layardi, Vanuatu Megapode, Vanuatu bigfoot. Megapodius decollatus, New Guinea Scrubfowl, New Guinea Bigfoot. Megapodius. New Hebrides scrubfowl. It should be noted that other species of the genus Megapodius carry out flexible Megapodius eremita Megapodius layardi Megapodius reinwardt.

Eggs laid Australian weed chickens: big-legged bird.

Free online dictionary in English, German, French, Spanish. Tabon scrubfowl from all languages ​​to everything. Megapodius layardi Vulnerable species Megapodius nicobariensis Bigfoot Nicobar Endangered species Megapodius pritchardii Polynesian.

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Mesoplodon layardi New Zealand bucktooth mesoplodon bowdoini jungle hen megapodius freycinet maleo macrocephalon maleo. The largest wingspan for birds ⋆ Online magazine for. Vanuatu Bigfoot Megapodius layardi. 251. Polynesian bigfoot Megapodius pritchardii. 252. Sula chicken Megapodius bernsteinii. International Red Book listing of rare animals. Scrubfowl Megapodius eremita Melanesian scrubfowl Megapodius layardi Vanuatu scrubfowl Megapodius laperouse Micronesian scrubfowl.

Zoological Forum Bolshenogi.

Species: Megapodius laperouse Gaimard, 1823 Mariana shrub chicken, large-footed La Perouse Species: Megapodius layardi Tristram, 1879. Genus Large-footed Megapodius. Dark Bigfoot Megapodius freycinet New Guinea Bigfoot Megapodius affinis Megapodius eremita Megapodius layardi Megapodius. How many bird species are there in the world - How many bird species are there on earth. 19 Megapodius layardi. ENG Vanuatu Scrubfowl. Animal Names Latin to English Megapodius layardi. 20 Megapodius nicobariensis. ENG Nicobar Scrubfowl. Big-legged, or weed chickens Wild world Animals. Biak Bigfoot Megapodius geelvinkianus. 2:07 am. The voices of the birds. Vanuatu Bigfoot Megapodius layardi. 1:39. Like Show list.

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Species: Megapodius laperouse Gaimard, 1823 Mariana shrub hen. Species: Megapodius layardi Tristram, 1879 Species: Megapodius nicobariensis. Shrub hens Megapodius Gaimard, 1823. Highest classification :. Weed chicken: description and peculiarity of the species. Dark Bigfoot Megapodius freycinet. New Guinea Bigfoot Megapodius affinis. Megapodius eremita. Megapodius layardi. Megapodius. Megapodius Archive BVI: Systematics. As for the third bird, I also agree with Mmike2001 that it is Megapodius layardi, the Vanuatus bull. Naturally endemic. Scientific name English name Former Russian. Jungle chicken Megapodius freycinet New Guinea bigfoot Megapodius affinis Megapodius eremita. Megapodius layardi.

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Megapodius tenimberensis Jungle hen Megapodius freycinet Megapodius geelvinkianus Megapodius eremita Megapodius layardi Megapodius. The most interesting facts: posts from the VKontakte community. The Vanuatu Megapode or Vanuatu Scrubfowl Megapodius layardi is a species of bird in the Megapodiidae family. It was formerly known as the New Hebrides. Big legs with comments. Biak bigfoot Megapodius geelvinkianus Melanesian bigfoot Megapodius eremita Vanuatu bigfoot Megapodius layardi. Find and buy in the catalog 2012 Numismatic online store. The brown-breasted bigfoot Aepypodius bruijnii is an endangered species. The Vanuatu Bigfoot Megapodius layardi is a vulnerable species. Leipoa ocellated chicken. List of endangered bird species. What is a List.

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Weed chickens Bigfoot are reckless mothers. Megapodius layardi Birds.

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