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The Philharmonic was first released in 1989 and since then has not lost its popularity not only among the residents of the European Union, but throughout the world. It is the first coin made from precious metals to be denominated in euros.

History of the issue of the Vienna Philharmonic gold coin

The homeland of the sample is Austria, therefore the Austrian Mint has been issuing the Philharmoniker coin since the end of the last century. Initially, such coins were issued in two formats, depending on the weight of the product - one troy ounce and a quarter ounce. The resulting editions were successfully sold, so in 1991 new versions were created: one-tenth and one-half ounces.

An interesting fact is that the design and decoration of the coin did not undergo any changes. According to statistics from the World Gold Council, the Vienna Philharmonic has been a leading sales leader for several years in a row. This coin has a significant diameter for such coins (37 mm) and at the same time is rather thin (about 2 mm), which makes Philharmoniker a very inconvenient object for counterfeiting.

Denomination and main characteristics of the coin

The Vienna Philharmonic is minted at the Austrian Mint. The highest gold standards are used, and the purity of the metal and quality are guaranteed by the Central Bank of Austria. The coin is made of gold .9999 (24 ct). The price of such coins varies every day depending on the daily gold prices on the New York and London exchanges. Until 2002, the coin was denominated in Austrian schilling, but the modern Philharmoniker has a different denomination:

  • 100 euro,
  • 50 euros,
  • 25 euros,
  • 10 euros.

Where can you buy Philharmoniker

The Zolotoy Mint House company has many years of successful experience in the sale of precious coins, therefore it offers its customers a wide range of various commemorative and investment coins, among which the Austrian Philharmoniker takes a worthy place. This gold coin is one of the best in terms of price / quality ratio, it is very convenient to store (at the Vienna Philharmonic mint it is packed in compact cylindrical containers - tubes, each of which holds 10 oz coins).

The Golden Mint House provides a profitable system of discounts and special offers.

For a successful purchase, it is enough to visit the company's website and place an application for the purchase of the desired coin. In case of difficulties or questions, a qualified manager will gladly help to solve all the problems that have arisen.

The obverse of the Austrian Philharmonic gold investment coin features a large organ in the Vienna Philharmonic Concert Hall. Above the inscription - REPUBLIK OSTERREICH, below - the weight and fineness of the coin (1 ounce of 999.9 fine gold), the year of issue of the coin, as well as the denomination of the coin. Previously, the face value was 2000 Austrian shillings, since 2002 the coin has been denominated in euros (100 euros).

The reverse of the Austrian Philharmoniker gold coin depicts various musical instruments such as double bass, cello, violin, bassoon, harp and trumpet. Above the inscription - WIENER PHILHARMONIKER.

Gold ducat Sower, 1976,1977,1979,1980,1981, weight of pure gold - 7.742 g (fineness 0.900)

Younger son

Albert Felix Humbert Theodore Christian Eugene Marie, Prince of Liege, was born on June 6, 1934 in the family of the King of Belgium Leopold III and his wife Astrid of Sweden... Albert did not have to count on the throne, because he was the youngest son of the king and the power was to pass to his elder brother Baudouin... During World War II, when Belgium was occupied, the royal family first fled to Spain, but then, under pressure from the German authorities, was forced to return. In fact, the royal family lived under house arrest.

Leopold III did not show principles of principle, for which he was accused by his compatriots of collaboration. In 1946, the case came to trial, during which the monarch was found innocent. Nevertheless, the attitude towards the person of Leopold III caused a split in society, and in 1951 he chose to abdicate in favor of his eldest son, who became king under the name of Baudouin I. Prince Albert at that time graduated from the Institut Le Rosey College of Geneva, after which he entered at the naval school in Bruges. As a result, he rose to the rank of Lieutenant General and Vice Admiral of the Belgian Navy.

The prince was also president of the General Council of General and Pension Savings, President of the Belgian Red Cross Society, President of the Olympic Committee and the Belgian Interfederal Committee, a member of the Senate of the Belgian Parliament, and also held many other positions.

The "Brat" Who Revealed the Secret

The marriage of his older brother Baudouin I with a Spanish woman Fabiola de Mora y Aragon turned out to be childless, and after his death in 1993, Albert became the new king of Belgium.

Unlike Baudouin, Albert II had no problems with offspring. His wife Paola Margherita Maria Antonia Consiglia, or simply queen paola, gave him a son and two daughters.

Albert married Italian Paola in 1959, and in 1963 the couple already had three children. Their family was considered exemplary and respectable in Belgium.

It smelled fried in 1999 when a journalist Mario Danniels published an unofficial biography of Queen Paola, in which he put forward the version that Albert II has an illegitimate child. "What does this brat allow himself?" - said many in Belgium. The fact is that Dannils was only 18 years old at the time of writing the scandalous book. However, more experienced reporters, undertaking to check the facts, soon whistled in surprise: and the kid seems to be right!

Royal infidelity

In 1966, Prince Albert started an affair. The baroness became his mistress Sibylla de Celis Longchamp, who herself by that time was married to a wealthy industrialist Jacques Boel.

In 1968, Sibylla gave birth to a girl whom she named Dolphin... Until the age of majority, the girl believed that her father was her mother's husband, with whom Sibylla divorced in 1978. However, when Dolphin was 18 years old, her mother secretly told her daughter that her real father was the heir to the throne.

Dolphin kept a secret, but after the book by Mario Dannils, she was, as they say, figured out. According to some reports, she tried to meet informally with her father, but the king did not condescend to her. In the end, the woman's patience snapped, and in 2005 she gave the first interview to the press, in which she openly stated: "Yes, I am the daughter of the king!"

Albert II did not recognize Dolphin. The monarch said that his relationship with his wife in the 1970s "survived a crisis," but he never had any illegitimate children. Nothing could be done with the unlucky parent: the king in Belgium has immunity from any investigation.

However, an increasing number of Belgians came to the conclusion that their Majesty was telling a lie.


In 2013, the 79-year-old monarch decided to cede the throne to his eldest son. Philip... As soon as the abdication took place, Albert II received a summons from the court: Delphine decided to force the pope to recognize her officially. The last nail in the coffin of her former lover was hammered by Sibylla, who decided to support her daughter. She gave an interview, telling in detail about the affair with Albert.

Respectable Belgians fainted when they learned that this was not a fleeting affair at all: Prince Albert had an intimate relationship with the Baroness from 1966 to 1984!

Sibylla admitted that the birth of her daughter was a surprise for herself. She was convinced that she had problems that ruled out pregnancy. Therefore, Sibylla indulged in passion without any means of contraception and one day discovered that she was pregnant.

“Dolphin was the fruit of love. Albert was not good for a father, but he was very nice to her, ”Sibylla said. Indeed, Albert did not abandon his mistress, but he did not recognize his daughter either: they say, there will be problems with his wife, and it is not allowed for us, royalty, in terms of status.

After Sibylla's revelations, Albert II could surrender. But instead, he involved lawyers in the case, delaying the process by as much as seven years.

"The legal father who did not love, and the biological father who rejected"

In the spring of 2019, the court officially ordered the retired king to undergo a DNA test. At the same time, Albert II was warned: for each day of delay, he will be fined 5,000 euros. The monarch had to obey. However, his lawyers imposed a ban on the publication of the results, which was lifted by the decision of the Belgian Court of Cassation in December 2019.

The statement by Albert II's lawyers with a formal acknowledgment of paternity, published on January 27, looks like a rebuke to Delphine, who did not want to remain the daughter of Jacques Boel.

“After more than 40 years, Ms. Delphine Boel has decided to break the legal, social and emotional ties with her father and change her family through a long and painful procedure that. did not take into account the right of the parties involved to privacy, ”the document says.

In general, the king's daughter was also guilty before him. Such a tone greatly angered Dolphina's lawyer. Mark Uittendale, who told reporters: “She had a legal father who did not like her. And she had a biological father who rudely rejected her. " He also noticed that the way Albert II recognized paternity hurt Delphine.

It's not about money

A woman will not become a princess anyway: illegitimate children are not entitled to titles. But Dolphin will be able to claim a share of the fortune of Albert II, which is estimated at 250-300 million euros. But to blame Dolphin Boel for self-interest is not worth it. If she officially remained the daughter of Jacques Boel, then as his only child could claim property worth more than 1.5 billion euros.

The royal daughter's lawyer said that Delphine, now 51, did it all for the sake of her children. She did not want for them a state of uncertainty, misunderstanding of their origin, with which Delphina herself lived for many years. Now Mrs Boel's children know that their grandfather is the king. And "uniform beast", as the hero used to say Evgeniya Leonova in The Ordinary Miracle.