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Who was Penelope in Greek mythology? Did she cheat on Odyssey?


The heroes of the new novel will be the gunsmith Zaknafein Do'Urden, Drizzt's father, and his friend Jarlaxle Baenre. Together with the Hero of the North, they will face the new threat of demonic invasion and Lolth's ambitions. But first, we will look back in time and meet the Supreme Mother of House Do'Urden, Malice.


Diana. And Julian, Camillo, Dominic, Charlie and Owen, the new generation on our wonderful journey.


IN past. they are all drow.

House Do'Urden

SUPREME MOTHER OF MALICE DO'URDEN: the young and violent head of House Do'Urden. Ambitious and insatiable, she is determined to rise up the hierarchy of the nearly eighty noble houses of Menzoberranzan to one day take a seat on the ruling council where the main eight houses sit.

ZAKNAFINE DO'URDEN: Zaknafein, a former armourer of House Simfrey, was kidnapped from the battle that killed his house and given to his insatiable and ambitious mother, Malice Do'Urden, as a gunsmith and consort. With Zaknafein in its ranks, House Do'Urden came to be seen as a real threat to many of the higher houses.

PATRON RIZZEN: public consort Malice, father of Nalfein. Ambitious Malice considers him to be an incredible mediocrity.

NALFINE DO'URDEN: The eldest son of Malice and the eldest prince of the house, Nalfein is exactly what the offspring of Rizzen's loins should be.

BRIZA DO'URDEN: eldest daughter Malice. Large and formidable.

House Xorlarrin

SUPREME MOTHER ZIRIT XORLARRIN: influential head of the fourth house of Menzoberranzan.

HORUDISSOMOT XORLARRIN: a wizard of House Xorlarrin; and a former master of Sorcere, the drow magic academy.

Kiriy: Priestess Lolth, daughter of Zirith and Horudissomoth.

House Simfrey

SUPREME MOTHER DEVINE SIMPHREY: head of the junior house.

SUPREME MOTHER OF HAUZZ TR'ARACH: the deceased head of the junior house.

DUVON TR'ARAH: mother's son Hauzz, a former gunsmith at home, willing to prove himself.

DONGELINA TR'ARAH: mother's eldest daughter Hauzz and the first priestess of the younger house.

DAB'NEY TR'ARAH: mother's daughter Hauzz. Serves Jarlaxle after the fall of the house.

SUPREME MOTHER YVONNEL BENRE: Also known as Yvonnel the Eternal, the mother of Baenre is the undisputed ruler of not only the first house, but the entire city. Other families may call their mothers “supreme,” but the entire city uses this title for Yvonnel Baenre. She is the oldest living drow, and no one remembers how long ago she held her high position.

GROMPH BENR: The eldest child of Baenre's mother, the archmage of Menzoberranzan, the highest-ranking man in the city and considered by many to be the most formidable wizard in all of the Underdark.

DANTRAG BENR: son of the supreme mother Baenre, armorer of the great house, is considered one of the best warriors in the city.

TRIL, QUENTL AND SOS'AMPTU BENR: three priestesses of Lolth, daughters of High Mother Baenre.

Other characters

K'YORL ODRAN: mother of House Oblodr, famous for their use of strange mind magic called psionics.

JARLAX: the rootless vagabond who created Bregan D'erth, a band of mercenaries who secretly serve many drow houses, but primarily themselves.

ARATIS HYUN: Jarlaxle's lieutenant and consummate assassin. Like many others, he was admitted to Bregan D'erthe after the fall of his home.

Present. different races.

DZIRT DO'URDEN: was born in Menzoberranzan and fled from the evil customs of the dark elves. A drow warrior, hero of the north, and Hull's Companion, as are his four best friends.

KATTY-BRIE: Drizzt's human wife, the Chosen Goddess Milikki, wielding magic and divine magic. Hull's companion.

REGIS (PARRAPHIN SPIDER): halfling, husband of Donnola Topolino. Halfling Village Leader Bleeding Vines and Hull's companion.

KING BRENOR BATTLE AX: the eighth king of Mithril-Hall, the tenth king of Mithril-Hall, now the king of Gauntlgrim, an ancient dwarven city that Bruenor conquered along with his brethren. Hull's companion. Adoptive father of Wulfgar and Catti-brie.

WULFGAR: this huge human male was born into the Elk tribe in Icewind Dale. He was captured and then adopted by the dwarf king Bruenor. Hull's companion.

ARTEMIS ENTRERI: Drizzt's former nemesis, a human assassin whose fighting skills are arguably on par with a drow warrior. He has now joined Bregan D'erth Jarlax and considers Drizzt and the other Companions to be friends.

GWENVIVAR: magic panther, companion of Drizzt, coming to him from the astral plane.

ANDAHAR: the magical unicorn, Drizzt's mount. Unlike the living Guenhwyvar, Andahar is a purely magical creature.

LORD DAGULT NEVERAMBER: public lord of Waterdeep and lord protector of Neverwinter. Charismatic and ambitious man.

PENELOPE HARPELL: the head of the eccentric Harpell wizards who keep an eye on the town of Long Saddle from their estate, Ivy Mansion. Penelope is a powerful sorceress who teaches Catti-Brie and once dated Wulfgar.

DONNOLA TOPOLINO: halfling. Wife of Regis, ruler of the halfling city in the Bleeding Vines. Originally from Aglarond in the far east, where she once led a thieves' guild.

INKERI MARGASTER: noble lady from Waterdeep. Considered the head of the deep sea Margaster family.

ALVILDA MARGASTER: cousin of Inkeri. Also a noble lady from Waterdeep.

BRENWINDON MARGASTER: Brother Inkeri, another member of the Waterdeep nobility.

SUPREME MASTER KANE: a person, a monk who rejected the mortal flesh and ascended to the level of being beyond the material plane. Kane is the High Master of Flowers at the Yellow Rose Monastery in distant Damara. He is Drizzt's friend and mentor in his quest for long peace on a difficult path in life.

DALIA SIN'DELEY (DALIA SIN'FELL): tall and beautiful blue-eyed elf. Dahlia strives to impress others not only with her looks, but also with impeccable fighting skills. Formerly Drizzt's lover, she is now the companion of Artemis Entreri. Together they are better than ever alone.

Penelope's parents.

Penelope was actually the daughter of two famous figures in Greek mythology, Icarus, who flew too close to the sun on his artificial wings, and Peribeia, who was known as one of the nymphs. However, depending on the source, Icarus may not have been her father, but her brother. In other words, her parents varied depending on the origin of the story.

Odysseus's wife.

Thanks to The Odyssey, we know for sure that Penelope was the wife of the Greek hero Odysseus. Due to the Trojan War and then the hero's long journey home, we know the couple survived many years apart. In fact, Odyssey's plot centers around his desire to return home. However, his journey was filled with dangers and it took him a long time to return to his family.

Her character.

Penelope was especially known for her strong character. While Odysseus was away, it was rumored that she was known for having many lovers. But in fact, Penelope remained devoted and loyal to him all the time while he was away. History suggests that she had many opportunities to take a lover or get married, but she refused. Throughout Greek mythology and Greek culture, the name "Penelope" has always been associated with loyalty.

Search for a groom.

As the story goes, Penelope was finally persuaded to take a new husband, but in her heart she still wanted to be faithful to her marriage. Although she agreed, she made her demands almost impossible because she didn't want to be with anyone other than Odysseus. So, she organized a competition where the suitors had to prove that they are good at certain tasks. Deep down, she knew that only her husband, Odysseus, could pass the test.

Meanwhile, Odysseus finally returned home. He found out about the competition, but instead of telling his family that he was at home, he entered the competition in disguise. He ended up defeating each of the competitors, and finally when he won, he revealed his true identity to his wife.